27/04/2011 · 14:15

Today was a bit hectic and at the top of the things I have to spent three hours at the polyclinic, which was rather unhappy. But after all, I am back home, enjoying my lunch and gathering some energy for the rest of the day, which will include some swimming and an evening zumba class. Since the weather is totally horrible again, it is a little harder to persuade myself to go out and do some workout, even though I love exercising! But the greyish sky is making me want to stay in the bed. And that is a huge thing, because I never stay in bed more than neccesary (i.e. like until 5 a.m.). Today I woke up even more eagerly than ever, because in my fridge there was this cutie waiting for me:

Overnight oats: 1 TBSP regular oats, 1 TBSP wheat bran, 1 TBSP buckwheat flakes, 1 TSP flaxseeds, cocoa and cinnamon, all mixed together. Then you pour like 1 cup boiling water over the mixture, let it sit for 10-20 minutes and put it into the fridge overnight. In the morning, I added a lot more cinnamon (cinnamon freak, this is me!:) and pineapple chunks. Soo delicious this oatmeal with a tropical twist!

Lunch was also spectacular! (Yes, I love to praise myself and my food:).

What´s this? It is a wonderful mixture of various amounts of chewy wheatberries, carrots, peas, tomatoes and lentils, in a sauce made of soy milk and nutritional yeast, with a touch of tandoori and red paprika spice. It was a hit!

I also snacked on some apples (two three…), orange and carrots and there is a kiwi waiting for me. So all in all the day was pretty awesome, wasn´t it? :)

Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!

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