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May Foodie Pen Pal

Posted May 31 2012 6:42am

So once again I decided to participate in the Foodie Blog Pen Pal program for the month of May! So when I first got the email from Sabrina, my foodie pen pal she inquired about my food preferences and a new no grain girl I sent her a lengthy email back about what I could and could not have, to sum it up the email basically went something like this I pretty much like everything except I can't have  grains, dairy, soy, or sugar! I didn't hear back from Sabrina for a few days so I figured I had scared her off! But then a few days later she replied saying my box was in the mail!

I was expecting the box until the end of May so when I received it after coming home a long day of school, it was just the thing I needed to pump me up! I just love getting packages, although most of the time I am the one that ordered the package and therefore know what the content inside the box include, there's still an element of surprise that gets me so excited!

Heres what my box included
Two bags of tea, Black Cherry and Vanilla Coconut, I bet these are delicious and fragrant!

Ghost pepper which after looking up I was shocked to find it is the hottest pepper in the world...not sure I am brave enough to try it...but I promise to let you know the verdict if I do!

I am not sure what these are but they look like some kind of sweeteners my guess is honey or maple syrup perhaps!

Green tea, always a favorite in my book finally organic goji, delicious dried berries which make excellent additions to salads and baked goods, they had a slight sweet and very earthy taste

The Lean Green Bean
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