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Marcothon Running Challenge complete

Posted Jan 11 2012 2:29pm

I have taken a bit of a blogging hiatus over the Christmas period, but I did complete my December running challenge. Here is the update from where I left off.

Day 17: 3.32 miles in 29.52. Interval run. This gave an overall pace of 8.59 min/mile which is my quickest ever training run. I have never dipped below the 9 min mark before, so I was really chuffed with this.

Day 18: 4.44 in 44.44. All the fours! Unintentional!

Day 19: 3.42 in 34.34. Pretty big gym session after this as well, started back strength training again after my set back week.

Day 20: 4.02 in 41.54

Day 21: 5.39 in 55.30. Gradually increasing the mileage again. Did some yoga after this. I had been lacking on the yoga front, and my hips were getting increasingly tight.

Day 22: 3.42 in 34.26. Strength training after this.

Day 23: 3.42 in 32.17. Picking the pace up a bit today

Day 24 Christmas Eve! : 4.25 in 40.59, nice quick one before the festive period followed by some gym work.

Day 25 Christmas Day: 7.97 in 1.20.05. Really nice Christmas Day run with my brother. Trying out all my new gear!

Day 26 Boxing Day: 5.46 in 56.46. Slow run to the gym followed by some strength training and a run back

Day 27: 4.16 in 41.31. Nice quick paced jog.

Day 28: 3.4 in 32.32. Definitely finding my “slow and easy” pace is increasing, finding running under 10 min/miles comfortable now.Followed by a gym session.

Day 29: 7 miles in 1.16.10. Another long slow one. Followed by a yoga session for those tight hips.

Day 30 Nearly there! : 3.4 in 33.10

Day 31 New Years Eve: I wussed out and put in a treadmill run for my final December run: 5k in 35.10 including cool down and warm up walk.

Overall Total: 135 miles for the 31 days of December. My legs hate me, but I am delighted that I completed the challenge. To be honest it was made a lot easier due to the fact that we had such a mild winter. Running just became part of my daily routine, I even ran on New Years Day, not taking my first day off running until the 2nd January, which subsequently felt weird because it just became something that I did.

I have never ran anywhere close to the mileage that I achieved in December, in fact my closest mileage total on any month last year was 64 miles, so it was a massive jump but one that my body did adjust to eventually. I am now cutting my mileage down to around 25 miles over 4 runs a week, and am starting to plot some Spring races. Exciting!



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