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Maintain a healthy vegan diet while travelling.

Posted by Jane Alice


My husband (who is not vegan) and I are retired and are incredibly fortunate to be able to do a great deal of travelling within the US and internationally.  On the whole people and airlines have vegan offerings but certainly not ballanced.  For example, I went with a girlfriend on a wonderful trip to Croatia in Oct. and all they had to offer for dinners was overcook vergetables in heavy oil nigth after night.   I am new at this (Sept. 2011) and I gained 6 lbs )not good) and lowered my cholesterol by 30 points (good) in the first 6 months.  So, now I've limited the oils, nuts, and other high starchy stuff and have dropped off the extra lbs.

My question is about taking supplements, powedered proteins, and whatever while traveling.  There's so much out there and I just need some input from other vegans.



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It is really a very great idea. Thanks for sharing.
Taking supplies with you is definitely a great idea. The TSA permits food in travel so long as you don't have any gels or liquids that are over 3 ounces. Protein or supplement bars are an excellent choice, and the powder could be as well. On my recent trip to California (though restauranting there is no big deal for vegans) I stuffed my carryon with Cliff bars, tofu jerky, fruit snacks, vegan cookies, apples, and Airborn tablets. We also went grocery shopping when we got there, picked up bread and some vegan friendly indulgences, and other essentials. I definitely recommend doing something like this. And it's always a great idea to search for veg-friendly restaurants online before hitting the town.
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