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Lucuma makes you Looney!

Posted Feb 03 2013 8:29am

“Emm? Emm? Are you there? Emm…..heeeellppppppp!!!!!!” That was Nicky in my dream last night. She’d called me up after falling into a giant bucket of lucuma ….she was stuck! It was pretty distressing – the stuff was like quicksand I tell you! :-) IMG_0709 Nicky and I are both huge lucuma fans – I had to tell her about my dream. So I did. And this was followed by a string of ridiculously bad jokes that resulted in Nicky telling me I was off my rocker. “It’s the lucuma man!”, I told Nicky…..”Come to think of it I’ve been going mad hyper too”, she replied. See. Lucuma. Loon inducing! :-D

As well as it’s delicious, caramel-like taste, lucuma has many health benefits, including:

 - lots of potassium

 - high calcium content so great for bones (and therefore great for those with a history of anorexia)

 - provides iron so great for athletes

- good for digestion and hormonal balance

 - has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and skin regeneration effects

Keeping with a fun theme, I made these lucuma and cocoa nib fishies yesterday. I used my favourite ice cube tray from Ikea as the mould :-)

Lucuma & Cocoa Nib Fishies  

IMG_5073 IMG_5072

- 1/2 cup lucuma

 - 25g melted cacao butter

 - 1/4 cup agave

 - tbsp cacao nibs

- pinch of Himalayan salt

Melt the cocoa butter and then add this to a bowl containing the dry ingredients. Mix into a paste and press into your desired moulds. Place in the fridge to harden. Serve as a fun sidekick to your afternoon cuppa :-) Caramelly goodness!

Have you tried or made anything with lucuma?


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