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Listening to your body during pregnancy

Posted May 10 2012 3:06pm

Evening Ladies :-)

Friday tomorrow…..(sigh of relief). After having Monday and Tuesday off from work, I know I shouldn’t be wishing for Friday to come already. However, I’ve been feeling completely wiped out and the relentless battle against pregnancy exhaustion has found me counting down the hours until I can switch my brain off and look forward to a lie in.

I’m currently snuggled beneath a duvet on the sofa, a steaming mug of tea held close to my chest. From the moment I dragged myself out of bed this morning, I’ve been wishing for this moment, fluffy socks on and magazine at the ready.  Image

Of course, no cuppa would be complete without something to dunk in! I just tried one of the chai “Raweos” that I picked up in NYC. Great texture but blimey are they spicy!! 


Anyway…..tonight is definitely a night of comfort. Since I found out that I was pregnant, I’ve learned that I have to take each day as it comes. Some days are complete write offs, spent sleeping and then sleeping some more. On others, I feel….okay….but I’m still waiting to experience all this wonderful energy that the pregnancy books talk about. Yup….I’m still really tired on most days. 

Needless to say, I’ve been maintaining a good workout regime, mixing things up a bit to include more toning work. Before pregnancy, I’d be able to muster up the energy to work out even on the days when motivation was lacking. These days, the motivation is there  - I really want to work out – however, on some days the fatigue takes over and physically stops me from carrying out what I’d love to be able to do……all I can liken it to is getting old!

……..This whole pregnancy is proving to be a great learning process for me. Eating regularly, getting enough sleep, exercising but not over-excerting….all things we strive to do under any circumstances but also things that hang in much finer balance during pregnancy. The most important thing that I’m finally learning for myself is the age old lesson for pregnancy, “Listen to your body”. After years of disordered eating and pushing myself to the max in my workouts, I’m finally learning when to go a bit easier on myself, not only that but just how easy to go in order to keep myself balanced and harmonious. Hopefully these lessons will stay with me and lead down a road that is paved with health, long in to the future.

love and hugs

Emm  xoxo

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