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Liar, Liar

Posted May 28 2009 12:06am
I lied, no kitten pictures tonight. Sorry but time just got away from me. They're also roaming the house now and very hard to keep still. Maybe I'll sneak in during their nap and catch some cuteness. I will make it up to you with a product review!
Archer Farms (from Target) Creamy Vanilla Cranberry Peanut Butter.
I was going to buy PB&Co but then I saw this and since it was about $2 cheaper, I went with it. The ingredients are fairly simple and the nutritionals are great too. The flavor was ehh. I thought it was good at first but then I get this little aftertaste that I'm not a fan of. It was also very runny which can be a plus or minus for certain people. I did like the little bits of cranberry in every bite and the sweet yet not-too-sweet flavor. Would I buy it again? Most likely no...but it was fun to try. Yesterday morning I tried it on a big bowl of Raspberry Oatbran.
-1/2 cup oatbran + 1 1/2 cups water
-cinnamon + vanilla
-ground flax
-fresh raspberries
-scoop Vanilla Cranberry PB
I was a little snacky mid-morning so I had a slice of Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf. Freezing leftover baked goods is such a genius idea...makes the weeks to come that much more exciting knowing I have a little slice of heaven waiting for whenever I need it.
Now...I'm not a huge fan of pizza. I'd rather have a stir-fry or sandwich instead. But after seeingthis postonSarah's blog, I had to make this pizza. The recipe is the Thai Un -Chicken Pizza from ED& BV. I made the dough from scratch using this recipe and subbing GF AP flour for most of the Whole Wheat. I also halved the sauce recipe as I knew it would be too much for me. The taste? Phenomenal! I loved the peanut sauce, topping flavors, and crispy crust. It may have even converted me into a pizza lover! Yet, I will never make this I ate HALF the pizza! I wasn't even that full afterwards either, just comfortably full. Granted, I wasn't hungry again until dinner but it was awesome. I can't wait to eat the rest of it.
Still somewhat full from my pizza lovin I had a small Salad.
-baby spinach
-broccoli slaw
- cukes
-crumbled Chickpea Cutlet
- dijon dressing (homemade)
It was delish.
Who can resist Carrot Cake Oats?! I sure can't, so when the idea popped into my head for today's breakfast, I had to make it.
-1/2 cup oats + 1/2 cup hempmilk + 1/2 cup water
-1/2 shredded carrot
-cinnamon, cloves, allspice, ginger, nutmeg, vanilla
-1 tbsp coconut
-scoop Vanilla Cranberry PB
It was one of the best bowls I've had a a long time. The warm spices, creamy hempmilk, and sweet coconut all blended together to make one heavenly desser...I mean breakfast ;)

After lunch (not pictured...leftovers!), I went to Whole Foods with my cousin who after seeing me go vegan, has decided to be one too. Sadly, she's only been to Whole Foods once!!! I got a lot of new items to try so be ready for some new product reviews and delicious foods.
I was ravenous when I got home so I made myself a bowl of Cereal.
-1 cup Kamut Puffs (Kailey!!! They finally got them in at the store!)
- hempmilk
-5 almond clusters (added after I snapped a picture)
Mmm, nothing like cold cereal on a hot, sunny day. The Enjoy Life granola was the last one I needed to try and I still can't decide which one's my favorite. This one smelled SO GOOD when opening the bag and the taste was even better. Seriously...I couldn't tell you which one is best because they are all amazing. I understand why it's pretty expensive, it's so worth the money!

I'm off to finish some homework and relax a bit. Enjoy your night loves <3
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