31/07/2011 · 10:17

I can´t believe how quickly this week passed by!

Do you like Sundays? I have never been much a fan of them. They always remind me of the end of the lazy days and the start of the hard work. But I since it is summer and since I am not a little kid anymore, I kind of like them now. And there are always things that make every Sunday much much better:

Like a morning bowl of oatmeal with shredded apples and a lot of peanut butter and sunflower seeds. And cocoa.

Or calling Weetabix “rectangles” drowned in a bowl full of Caro aka “fake coffee” a snack. The 2 in 1 concept doesn´t have to apply only to “shampoo and conditioner” :)

Or making a vegan “pizza” by topping a tortilla with a lot of lentil hummus and random veggies.

Or eating really A LOT of my German-favourite - a pumpernickel bread, with a delicious roasted-tomato spread, sprinkled with dried thyme and caraway seeds. Together with a cauliflower-spinach-tahini dip.

The weather is bad. I am shivering with cold and I am longing for a bit of sunshine in my life. Instead of that, I am going to curl myself in a bed, covered in a warm blanket, drinking my body weight in cups of green tea, listening to the latest Arctic Monkeys´ CD and reading Scarlett Thomas´PopCo.

How are you all anjoying your Sunday? Any good music or books involved? Good meals cooked/baked? Crazy ideas appeared? :)

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