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Lemon Garlic Pasta & Basil Chiffonade

Posted Jan 28 2008 6:25pm

We're getting back to some of our regular meals now after the holidays, huh? After all, what better way to embrace this new year than by eating, drinking... and of course, being vegan??!! (can't help myself, I *do* love the title of my cookbook).

Yesterday got a little hectic near dinner hour, so I decided to whip up my Lemon Garlic Pasta from ed&bv.This pasta is a cinch to make, and if you love a decent kick of garlic combined with a sour pucker punch, you'll dive into your bowl of this pasta! And while the sauce is sour, when tossed with hot pasta, along with some of the pasta water, it takes on a slight creaminess that is so enjoyable.

Start by mixing the sauce. You whisk in a bowl, or blend with an immersion blender (which will give the sauce more creaminess with emulsifying the ingredients in the dressing).

Once the sauce is ready, you need only wait for your pasta to cook! Be sure to reserve a mug full of the pasta cooking water... it will help moisten the pasta with the sauce if it is sticking. I decided to throw a bunch of small broccoli florets in with the pasta during the last minute of cooking. A quick blanch of the broccoli, if you will. Then, drain it all, and toss with the toss. (You know, broccoli is one of those words that gets me in its spelling almost every time. I don't mind saying that I'm normally a very good speller... but if I had to count the times I've written "brocolli" instead of broccoli... I digress.)

You can add fresh basil or parsley to the pasta, which I did... and here's a how-to for getting those nice shreds of basil (sometimes called a 'chiffonade'):

Stack your fresh basil leaves, with the smallest on the top, as so.

Then, roll the leaves (I usually go lengthwise, but either way is fine) into a tight roll.

Run your sharp chef's knife through the roll (the closer together the cuts, the thinner and more delicate the basil strands), and you will have lovely little strands of basil like these! Da, da, DA!!!

Easy stuff, looks very frou frou. :)

Go get your apron on, and get to it, guys. No better time than now to go eat, drink & be vegan!

(as a post-note, while I enjoyed the broccoli in the dish, I prefer it with green peas as in this post. You can use frozen green peas, and just briefly cook them (~ a min) in the pasta cooking water as I did with the broccoli )

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