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Lemon Garlic Pasta and Simplest Garlic Bread

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:00pm
This Lemon Garlic Pasta is from ed&bv . I've posted about it before, and wanted to show you another pic because it's just so easy to do, especially on hot summer days. Plus...

... I've added and edit to the recipe, which I'll include in the next reprint. Before juicing the lemons, grate some of the rind using a kitchen rasp if you have one. Then, after pureeing/whisking the sauce ( as you see here ), add in a teaspoon or so of the lemon zest . It adds just that extra POP of lemony wow!

Also pictured is a slice of Simplest Garlic Bread from ed&bv , which I haven't talked about much - but need to! This really is the simplest garlic bread you can make. Here's the trick: Freeze your bread (sliced)! Then, remove bread from the freezer, and when still very frozen, peel a garlic clove or two and rub it against the slices of bread. Be sure the bread is just out of the freezer . Even if it thaws five minutes or so, this trick is not as effective . When very frozen, the bread acts like a grater and will wear through the garlic allowing it the flavor to absorb into each slice. Then, you either drizzle the slices with extra-virgin olive oil (or spread on some Earth Balance), sprinkle with sea salt/pepper, and add anything else you like! I tend to keep it simple with olive oil and salt, but sometimes add a touch of Parma or a scattering of chopped fresh rosemary... or some olives or sun-dried tomatoes.

I'll be taking a wee break to get a few things organized for hubby's party and also for school starting soon (hard to believe, huh? moms and dads out there). Since it will be late August before I'm back, if you haven't yet voted in the VegNews awards, please do so (polls close Aug 31st). Also, if you'd like to keep on with the luv , please add a review to Amazon ... always can use lovely reviews from folks that are truly using my books!

When I return I have a giveaway to tell you about! Something I've arranged that's nothing to do with my books! And more than one opportunity to win ! You'll just have to hang tough (hint) for a couple of weeks to find out more!
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