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Late Lunches or Early Suppers?

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:54am
If you only get to eat one meal for the day at 4:00 in the afternoon, is it a late lunch or early supper? Whatever you call it, that’s how we ate this weekend in order to accommodate everyone’s schedules. When did the days get so busy?

On Saturday Chase and I picked up my mom and we went out for pizza. I had read about a tiny spot with fabulous pies that offered five vegan sauces and tons of tasty toppings, so off we went to East Side Pies. We built our own pizza with pesto sauce, spinach, onions, broccoli, sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic and onions, and cilantro. Imagine my happy face when this arrived at our table:

The crust was super thin, the garlic was sweet, and the broccoli was perfect.

(I brought a tiny jar of homemade vegan parm to sprinkle on top.) I made a treat for us to have afterwards – ED&BV’s Sunny Pineapple Yogurt Cake with Orange Glaze. It was extra nice after such a green pizza.

Sunday late lunch/early supper was a soup and sandwich type meal. Before I got started, I made Chase Mac ‘n Cheese ‘n Peas To Go. I used the Happy Herbivore test recipe, which bakes up so nice and Chase just loves.

Soup was ED&BV’s One Wild Chick Soup. This was really really good and eerily reminded us of Chicken and Rice Soup.

Sandwiches were Grilled Burritos. I had spinach tortilla wraps and made up 4 kinds of fillings. These pics aren’t the greatest and they may all look the same, but it’s nice to have a picture with the description, so here you go.

I made LDV ’s ham style seitan – here’s a very candid shot. It is good stuff!

I made my first cheddar cheese from The Uncheese Cookbook. It turned out really good, but I’ll never eat it all.

Here’s part of the prep area:

Filling 1 – Dijon mustard/apricot jam spread, greens, carrots, tomatoes, olives, sunflower seeds, cheddar, and ham.

Filling 2 – Dijon mustard, greens, ham, cheddar, green apple slices, purple onions, tomatoes, and sunflower seeds.

Filling 3 – Barbecue sauce, greens, pintos, chilies, avocado, cilantro, purple onions, green peppers, red peppers, ham, and cheese.

Filling 4 – Italian dressing, greens, carrots, zucchini, olives, purple onions, red peppers, ham, and cheese.

I put them on the outdoor grill to get nice and toasty.

I had no way of knowing which filling was in which burrito, but no matter because they were all so tasty, especially the barbecue sauce one.

I finally got to make ice cream since I figured out the ice cream maker bowl needed to go in my freezer that actually freezes. And I made the most fantastic Ooey Gooey Chocolatey Chewy Brownies, thanks to Amey. Amey was incredibly sweet and sent me a box of FIVE gluten free baking mixes!

Oh, Amey, I’m afraid you will regret parting with these. These brownies were (almost) as good as any vegan or nonvegan brownies I’ve ever made from scratch, and I’ve made a lot of brownies over the years. There were chocolate chunks in the mix! I used coffee instead of water, applesauce instead of oil, and topped them with coconut. They were unbelievably delicious with my (finally) Goji Berry Cocoa Nib Ice Cream.

Thank you again, Amey, for thinking of me, and thank you all for reading through this rather long post.
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