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Kikiriki Review -WIWW

Posted Mar 13 2013 8:42pm
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Before I get to the topic at hand – Kikiriki Review – I wanted to share my excitement from a few days ago (yes…obviously, as you’ll read this, you’ll tell it honestly doesn’t take much to get me excited….or maybe a better way to put it is I lead a terribly boring life, haha).  Anyways, I had some K-cash at KGB Deals to use for a while now and kept forgetting to check out their site.  Well, I just happened to check it the other night, and I saw they had Miracle Noodles on.  So my out-of-pocket expense was $13.29 for 26 packs of Miracle Noodles – 2 dozen of their most popular (8 angel hair, 8 rice, and 8 fettucini) plus at checkout I added 2 packs of spinach Miracle Noodles for $3.29.  I had to pay $10 shipping (eek), but, as each pack is 2 servings, that will last me 50 meals!!!  I’ll just add in veggies/sauce and will have a really easy and quick meal.  I’d call that a win! I’m glad I didn’t think on it too long because I went back the next morning, and the deal had expired.  Miracle Noodles are strange, but I like them.  They’re pretty pricey, so I was very happy to have scored the savings.  How are some ways you save with food costs?  (My other tips – farmers markets, places like Sam’s Club, and for supplements and other harder-to-find healthy food – Vitacost).

Okay, so onto Kikiriki/Shell Sheli .  Okay, so I like to say the name, Kikiriki, Kikiriki…. yes, I am indeed not in middle school anymore, but every once in a while I just can’t help myself, the silly side of me surfaces.  Maybe you’ve never heard of them?  Until I actively searched out modest clothing and searched online, I was oblivious to soooo many companies.  I used to think it was difficult and that you had to go out of your way to find modest clothing, but really, I would say that is changing.  I am amazed at just how many companies are out there particularly devoted to selling fashion that is still modest.  Of course, everyone’s defnitinion of modest may look a little bit different, but there is something for everyone out there.

Layering tees.  These come in so handy!  You can use them as an extra layer of warmth when you’re cold.  You can use them to, as the name suggests, layer under a dress or top that otherwise might not work.  You can also just wear them simply as a shirt under a cardigan or sweater… lots of options.

I am reviewing 3 of their tops – all the Kikiriki line – an ivory midriff, a light grey 3/4 sleeve, and a bordeaux long sleeve.

There are a lot I like about these, but I’ll just get my negatives out of the way first (“negatives”, though they’re really more suggestions/just “FYI” type things).  There were tags in the back that I had to cut out because they’re super bothersome.  I know that’s not a big deal, and I even hate to mention it because it’s an easy fix and is so minor, but a lot of other layering tees have tagless tees, and for the price, I just feel they should be as well.  So that would be a suggestion – go tagless.  Second thing, and I think this is an important thing – is their sizing charts.  Completely forget about vanity sizing, folks, and don’t go by the actual size chart that is provided either.  And if it doubt, go up a size more.  I read on the website how it says to order 1 size larger than normal since they are European sized, BUT they also have a size chart and so I figured their size charts would be accurate to what they were selling.  So according to the size chart, I thought a Large would be okay, but it turned out to be WAY skin tight.  So I had to exchange the 3/4 sleeve and long sleeve. But the return process was super fast and easy (so they get kudos for great customer service!) and I ended up getting an XXL  (yeah, so much for feeling good about my progress, haha).  To compare it, I have layering tees in both Mediums and Larges from Down East Basics/Modbe that fit about the same as this XXL.  But I guess even negatives can have a positive – once you know you’re size, you’re good to go and can get it across the board mostly.  *mostly because it still will depend on your build, obviously – the midriff top I got in a Large and it fits great, but I have a smaller chest than waist/hips, and obviously with the midriff, my bust is going to be covered, so since it fit nicely under the bust and the sleeves, I didn’t have to exchange it).

Okay, now what I like about them! :)   They are very comfortable…cozy…warm, but not hot….just feel really good on.   As I said above, they are versatile and they also come in a myriad of colors and engths/styles!  I would like to suggest a slightly lower neckline, but I’m sure a lot of people find the regular neckline perfectly fine (and the more I wear it, it doesn’t bother me any more)!  If you like to add a pop of color, you can choose their brights, if you want a very neutral, pick their blacks/browns/whites, or if you want something in between, they have those too.  Shipping was fast, and as I said above, they are super friendly and quick to answer questions.  The ordering/return process is easy as well.

Overall, I would definitely recommend them as a choice for your layering needs.

A few pictures on how you can use these tees.

(Please excuse the fact that this dress doesn’t quite fit me yet!  It was a major Goodwill find – Free People dress (with tags) for $6!  I got it thinking I would sell it, but then I tried it on and fell in love with it.  Now I just have to keep working out/eating healthy so I can breathe without the buttons popping! lol…that definitely wouldn’t be so good for the whole modesty thing now would it?) ;)   So yeah, that weird looking smile is me teling myself to stand up straight and not to breathe!  Can’t focus on all that at one time!  Oh, and notice too the strategically positioned hand to cover up a missing button – there is an extra attached to the tag, but I haven’t gotten around to sewing it on yet.

Kikiriki Review

Kikiriki Review

Kikiriki Review



I love tis dress, but has quite the plunging neckline ,and so I always have to wear something under it.  In steps the midriff Kikiriki top to save the day and not create any more bulk!

Kikiriki Review

Kikiriki Review

Kikiriki Review

Kikiriki Review

And finally, another awesome aspect of these tees is the material is perfect for any occasion – you can wear it with a dress and not appear too casual, but you can also wear it with jeans or sweats and not appear too dressed up. Love things that multitask like that!

Have you jumped on the layering tee bandwagon?

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P.S. Only a few more days to enter the HUGE fitness giveaway !

*product sent for review purposes.  Opinions are my own.

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