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K-K-K-Kombucha K-K-Kombucha

Posted Apr 12 2010 1:00am
(Post title to be sung to the tune of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" )

Once upon a time, before my days of healthful eating, I was walking home from class in NYC's East Village and decided to stop off at Sei Tomoko to get my hair trimmed. I only had my debit card and they needed a cash tip, so I ran to the deli across the street. I decided to break my twenty by buying a cold beverage and somehow my eye got caught on a bottle of GT Kombucha - and why wouldn't it? The bottle claims to help aid in digestion, weight loss, illness...a billion other things. I had to try it. Unfortunately it exploded all over my hands when I opened it on the street and tasted like vinegar. The rest of the bottle sat in my fridge for about a month before I gave up and poured it down the train.

Cut to now, when kombucha is one of my all-time favorite healthy treats. Sure it's an acquired taste, but it's so worth getting used to. Kombucha does in fact aid in our immune and digestive systems, replenishing our bodies with antioxidants, probiotics, and organic acids. It's cold, it's fizzy, it comes in tons of flavors and it's fun to drink! And now there are several commercial brands! Imagine my surprise and delight when the Kombucha fridge at my local Whole Foods featured two new brands!

Celestial Seasonings and Honest Tea now have Kombucha brands! In addition to the old favorite, GT's

I was happy to try some of the fun new flavors with the new brands, however there was something that really sealed the deal for me as to which I'll be buying in the future. GT's brand has three ingredients: kombucha, juice, love. Honest and Celestial Seasonings had several, a few unpronounceable, one being sugar. And we all know that after Super Sexy Sugar Cleanse , the point is to eliminate added sugar whenever possible. So enjoy tasting the new flavors if you'd like, but for me I know which I'll stick with at the end of the day...

...and continue drinking it out of wine glasses, obviously. If you're new to kombucha, I highly recommend the GT Mystic Mango flavor, it's the sweetest one.

Oh, and how much do you love this quote from the GT web site: "If you think about it, the body is a living thing; why would you feed it something that is dead?"

Anyway, I'm going to light some scandalous candles , eat some sweet potato chili , and catch up on some reading. Did you get a chance to click to help animals today?


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