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Is Vegan Pizza The Recipe to Turn UK to Vegan Diet

Posted May 03 2013 11:26am
Vegan Pizza Recipe Will Turn UK to Healthy Vegan Diet

Vegan Pizza; could it cure world's ills?
What do you think?

If Dominos Pizza Chain went Vegan would people just give and say " OK I give in , that's it ! , you win, I've run out of excuses, I'm going Vegan!"

Would they?


For many people it's true.  Excuses are quite frequently I would if I could but I can't -  it's too boring/difficult/leftfield (delete/insert as appropriate)

Maybe pizza could be the catalyst. maybe it's true that if there were a vegan pizza waiting for you to just pick up the phone during the adverts on TV and then wait for a spotty youth on a moped to run over your daffodils and bang on your door before the free pizza delivery time limit is up.

Ask your omnivourous friends please. Is it really that simple? If it is then I'm on the case next week

Let me know!
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