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If you could see me now

Posted Feb 02 2011 12:00am

If you could see me now…you’d probably start laughing! I’m sprawled out on my fleece blanket on the floor, hoodie, pjs and another blanket over me. Yes…I’m in my nest and it’s lovely :-) Only one thing missing…my gorgeous man. He’s currently out climbing with the guys. While he’s a really skilled climber, I follow the usual trend of stop dead, panic, and shout “Get me down!” Hmmm…!

I’ve just finished eating this simple dinner

A perfect avocado on wholemeal, with cucumber and tomato salad. I added a little balsamic for added flavour.

And a summer berry fruit tea in my favourite dance mug :-) This tea actually tastes as good as it smells, a rarity in the world of herbal teas :-)

Today has been a really great day. Really great :-) Work was amazing because I realised just how much my job has the potential to change and save lives. Despite all it’s stresses, I really do love it :-)

After work, I headed up to the nearby health centre for zumba class. With an hour and a bit to fill in, I busted out a 7miler on the treadmill. I kept at a constant pace of 8.37min/mile. It felt good! Zumba was a barrel of laughs as always. I laugh soooo much in the Wednesday night class! The girls are great…and totally hilarious!

The whole vegan thing is going pretty well. I’m still using up odds and ends in the fridge (i.e goats cheese) but once it’s gone I shall morph into the BEAN QUEEN! :-)

I’m going to start baking my own bread…..any tips or good recipes?

Much love xoxo

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