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I've joined Weight Watchers... I'm ready to take control of my life again!

Posted Jan 28 2014 10:21am

Last Friday, I decided to go back to Weight Watchers.  I have had great success with it in the past, and I need all the help I can get right now.  As many of you know, I have struggled with my weight since I started this blog.  When I moved to Boston a little over two years ago, I lost 100 lbs in around 9 months because I was walking everywhere and working on my feet.  I think the fact that I was falling in love with The Boyfriend and had all those awesome happy hormones coursing through my veins didn't hurt either.

I am still very much in love with The Boyfriend, but the last year has been so incredibly stressful.  I got very ill last December with a severe ear infection which was resistant to antibiotics.  I am someone who NEVER takes antibiotics, so the fact that they did not work on me was really scary.  They gave me stronger ones, because they were concerned it might be MRSA. (I had both an inner and outer ear infection.)

While the antibiotics finally worked, they cause a severe intestinal infection called C-Diff, which literally made my life hell for months. I ended up having a surgery in March.  All of this was going on while I was starting a new job in Boston.  Finally, after recovering from surgery and feeling like my life was getting back on track, my long standing foot issues came to a head.  I ended up with two stress fractures that were caused by me walking to compensate for a long standing foot injury which was cause by child abuse and was never treated.  After being in a boot to treat the stress fractures (and having to give up my job where I walked between 3-6 miles per day just go get to and from and then stand on my feet for 8 hours a day), I ended up having foot surgery.

The recovery has been very difficult 

The stress of all of the illness, surgeries has been compounded with PTSD brought up by having to treat the foot situation.  I have also pretty much lost my career as a chef as I know it.   I have been in pain, depressed, stressed and feeling like my life is very much out of my control for a year now, and I turned to what I seem to do best.  Eating for comfort and stress relief.

Since I have been so inactive, this has all contributed to me gaining around 60 lbs back out of the 100 lbs I've lost since I moved to Boston.

I can't tell you HOW depressing this is on so many levels.


I felt like such a victim of circumstances; I even looked into Weight Loss Surgery.  That's how desperate I've become.  I went through all of the testing and everything, and they have postponed the surgery for 6 months, asking me to work on my eating issues with a therapist.

I agree with their decision.  I do not regret that I looked into it, but it is rather drastic for me at this point.  I am on the cusp weight-wise and since I have lost large amounts of weight before on my own and I KNOW how to eat healthy, I know I can do it again.

The difference now, is that I can not be as active as I was due to my foot, so the rather instant losses I am accustomed to aren't happening.  This is a slow process, and obviously, I need to learn patience and learn how to accept where I am today, at this moment.

My foot will recover much faster when I lose weight, but it's not going to happen overnight.

I am going to be using this blog to talk about my mind/body connection and weight issues.  I will post pictures of what I am creating, but I won't be posting many recipes here anymore.

I am going to start a new blog, which will feature many of my old recipes, updated and newly tested, along with my Healthy E-Book Recipes and will charge a one time donation fee of $20 to access the recipes.  The recipes will list Weight Watcher Points and they will be plant-based, but not all will be vegan.  I will include vegan options for the small amount of cheese/dairy I use.  I will write a lot more about this as I am creating it, but it is going to take me 30 days to test/revamp and calculate points for everything I am listing.  When you subscribe to the new blog, you will have access to 100 original and many new recipes, with 7 new recipes added per week.  There will be a complete recipe index and every recipe will have the Weight Watchers points listed.
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