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I'm so sad I just want to cry :(

Posted May 04 2009 5:26pm
I had my bag stolen from my local bar last night!
Along with my phone, debit card and 1 euro in change my beloved camera was also nicked.
I am so gutted.

The person was caught on CCTV and the Guardia Civil will be taking a look at the footage later but I'm not holding out any hopes of getting my camera back.
If you all could cross your fingers and wish really really hard for me and my camera to be reunited though, I'd be very grateful.
The thief grabbed my bag in seconds and she's obviously a professional as there was a table full of people and no-one saw her commit the act. She scarpered off to the toilets, took out what was of any value to her and chucked the rest in the cistern of the toilet and replaced the lid.
However, we didn't find it until today so last night we had to call a lock smith out to the house to bust the door open and fix a new lock.
At least our car keys were retrieved which was really the most important thing as there was also a letter in my bag with our address on so she could have easily nicked the car too!
I'm so angry with myself because normally I am so vigilante and I NEVER leave my belongings unattended. I let my guard down for 2 mins and that was all it took.
Also in my bag was my newly purchased copy of Cruelty Free Shopper which is now just one big soggy mess (a bit like me really!!).
I know these things can be replaced but I'm still sad and angry about it all.
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