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Posted Jun 18 2011 2:49pm

Question by mmkaylikeduhxx:
I am a vegetarian and I want to go vegan. What foods need to I eat so i can get what i want and that taste great?

Anybody have any recommendations and tips at all about going vegan?


Answer by Andy D
There are plenty of great vegan books – like any cooking the key to make them taste excellent is to experiment with herbs/spices – you usually want far more than the recipes state.

Tofu is great seetened soya milk tastes superior than cows mik

chips and dark chocolate are normally vegan also

Do not let any person scare you about finding insufficient protein – that will be no dilemma with a great range of fruit/veg/pulses/nuts and so on

Answer by VeggieTart
Some books to check out:

“Mad Cowboy” and “No Far more Bull” by Howard Lyman

“Skinny B!tch” by Rory Friedman and Kim Barnouin

There are tons of fabu vegan analogues for dairy merchandise, such as Purely Decadent ice cream and Entire Soy & Co. soy yogurt (each refrigerated and frozen). As for soy milks, you have to discover the one particular that functions very ideal for you. You might possibly like almond or rice milk.

Do a tiny shopping for awesome vegan stuff here:,,, and

Discover a vegetarian or veg-friendly restaurant anyplace in the globe with or is a great resource for vegans–recipes, hyperlinks, the like.

Very good luck!

Answer by ALFyakuza
I am vegan and these are some of my preferred things to consume:

Breakfast: bananas, cream of wheat with brown sugar and soy butter, cereal, pancakes or french toast with actual maple syrup, vegan “sausage” patties, smoothies.

Snack: BRUSSEL SPROUTS =) no joke

Lunch: vegan “sausage” sandwiches, sandwiches with vegan deli slices(Tofurkey is the only a single that is kinda funky), fruit, dinner leftovers, couscous salad, vegan sushi, potato or pasta salad.

Dinner: homemade veggie burgers, sloppy joes, “sausage” and gravy with homemade biscuits, Spaghetti and Trader Joe’s “meatballs” or TVP, lasagna, Thai pad see ew, pad khi mao(drunkard’s noodles), pad prig king, tofu+eggplant with basil sauce, yellow thai curry with tofu or vegan chikn and veggies and jasmine rice, Indian dal with homemade roti or dosai, channa masala, aloo gobi, vegetable or minestrone soup, pizza, STEAMED “PORK” BUNS with potstickers or spring rolls, sweet&sour/orange/lemon chikn, vegan pho or wonton soup, baked tofu, BBQ homemade seitan (tastes like BBQ’d ribs), kabobs

I use these websites to find recipes:


That is excellent that you want to turn into vegan. My most significant word of advice is to research a balanced vegan diet regime and comprehend how to cook/prepare each thing that you will need to retain oneself satisfied Ahead of you begin to label yourself as vegan. This is important in keeping yourself healthful and functioning towards a fit body that can redefine vegan stereotypes.

Your journey as vegetarian was just the starting of a longer 1 to a plant-based diet with no animal items. This should be due to the reality of factory farming in which animals that are kept alive to create milk, eggs, and so on suffer a lot more and longer than animals that are raised to a specified weight and then slaughtered.

Some individuals use the word “vegan” in reference to this notion, but be mindful that applying that label to by yourself really should often come with the inclusion of sensible activism and advocacy.
Two extremely essential examples of this are that you should by no means talk to a person about vegetarianism/veganism with out their consent and genuine interest or as a comment on what they are eating AND your dietary beliefs need to by no means be utilized as an introduction or explanation of who you are as a person. Veg*ism need to be a thing that comes up Soon after men and women get to know you and they supply you a predicament that makes it confusing to withhold the info/discussion. Also, if you are presented one thing that you select not to consume or you are
ordering food/consuming collectively somewhere/choosing the very ideal spot to consume.

A responsible vegan Usually studies the topic of their own well being and how to maintain their body entirely provided for in each single sense.
To neglect their physique is to define a plant-based diet as unhealthy and is the opposite of helping the animals.

When you you hold off on the subject right up until it’s essential and then act like it is not a big deal at all, folks are generally surprised and WAY far more interested and curious than if you had been to bring it up when someone’s eating or just making use of it as a conversation starter.

A balanced plant-based diet program incorporates grains(breads, pasta, rice,cereal), legumes(soy, beans, peas, lentils), fruit and vegetables.

Becoming vegan can be an art, one whose challenge is to take items that involve the suffering of the innocent and adjust them into some thing free of charge of cruelty.

A vegan lady can produce an Absolutely NEW,Healthful HUMAN Being Inside OF HER. Many of these kids keep vegan and develop up to be perfectly wholesome adults. So just keep yourself educated about what you consume and do not let anyone tell you that a veg diet is lacking anything important.

Technically the term “vegetarian” does imply that you do not consume something that comes from the body of an animal that needs killing it. Numerous ingredients such as gelatin and glycerin are identified in a lot of candies, Fig-Newtons, and a lot of of other foods as nicely as rennet located in many cheeses. being-animal-ingredients.html
The greatest point to keep in mind is to take your time so that for instance: when you are cozy not consuming whey and casein you can then give up sodium stearoyl lactylate and L-cysteine when you are certain you can make the commitment permanently.
Based on your age or reliance on parents or regional choices, it could not be greatest to give yourself a label. The critical point is to do your ideal to make progress and be committed to your compassion towards animals. Never put your focus onto what you or other people use to describe oneself.

If you meet somebody that speaks down to folks for eating meat, dairy, and so on or to you due to the fact they assume they are “a lot more veg” than you, laugh in their face and inform them they are a disgrace to the total philosophy. Folks like this only injured the thought of veg*ism AND the animals. The point of all of this is to live compassionately and and as free of charge from cruelty as you can, all the even though sustaining your well being and a good attitude. Individuals who do not sustain either, require not open their mouths and represent our beliefs.

If you truly select to study all of this, I hope it assists. If not, really feel free to e-mail me if you have concerns.


There have been vegan Olympic gold medalists and a vegan woman can produce an Completely NEW,Wholesome HUMAN Becoming Within OF HER. Numerous of these young kids stay vegan and develop up to be absolutely healthful adults. So just retain your self educated about what you eat and do not let anyone inform you that a veg diet regime is lacking something crucial.

Right here are some far more veg people:

There is a Japanese analogy/proverb that goes like this, “The nail that sticks up is the one particular that gets hammered down”. Individuals are like this everywhere. When you inform your family members that it is your individual belief that animals ought to not be eaten, they take a search at themselves and it can be subconsciously translated into, “What you do is wrong and I select to be correct.”

Your parents have probably been taught a big amount of misinformation by their parents and their instructors while expanding up. You actually need to analysis vegetarian diets and wellbeing ahead of you even think about saying the “V-word” in front of your parents or anyone else.

When you have gathered enough information and really feel confident in a vegetarian diet’s capability to sustain or even boost health, you might mention to them that you have created the decision. They might be shocked, angry, worried, curious or a lot of other things, but you ought to Never react to their behavior and always stay calm. If they are in a position to talk to you and respect your selection, please inform them each tiny thing and answer all concerns. If they are rude, inconsiderate, judgmental, violent, or verbally abusive, refuse to continue any conversation right up until they can talk to you with respect.

The very ideal recommendations is to study nearly everything that you can about a healthful vegetarian diet and preserve your self in very good form (much superior than most people your age or than your pals/family members if probable). If nobody that you know shows a genuine, good interest in your option, do not give them the privilege of the knowledge that you have gathered. Perform your way all around any attempts they make to trivialize your beliefs and if possible, go buying with your parents and acquire items that aren’t obvious veggie fare. As an substitute of trying to sneak fake meat into the cart, toss in lentil soup, peanut butter, pasta, fruits & veggies or something else that you have learned is necessary to fill any gaps in your diet plan.

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