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Posted Mar 03 2011 2:47pm

Question by MajorCrumpet:
How to transition from Vegetarian to Vegan at a college campus?

My college campus has very restricted dining possibilities for vegetarians to start with. Basically all they have for us to consume are salads,fruits, salad sandwhiches, peanutt butter and banana sandwhiches, french fries (I do not eat fried foods), Amy’s mac and cheese, and Thai Pavillion noodles. How can I go vegan below these circumstances. I require some great suggestions/guidance. Also, I have a meal strategy on campus.


Answer by serendipity
If you speak to the chef about your dietary desires, he or she might possibly add far more options for you and your fellow vegans. Most chefs are willing to cater to student’s certain diets. Or, if not, you might be able to perform some thing out where your meal program provides you the capacity to purchase food that is superior suited to you, rather of eating at the dining hall. The greatest point to do is speak to the chef or head of dining services about it. Very good luck.

Answer by Eric
Thats tough… You cannot cook your own meals I presume…can you petition for vegan meals to be made?? There are retailer bought points you can acquire like cashews, almonds and peanuts. Vegetables are great to consume but you will need protein too and that is the tricky component. Do they serve beans ever? Beans are a quite astonishing food. They give you fiber and tons of power and protein. Search for those. I highly doubt they have vegan pastas…or tempeh. If they have pasta with just sauce and noodles you could consume that. Excellent luck and use your creativity.

Answer by prettysmartideas
Hie thee to a health food/vegetarian/vegan market place and get some vegan mayonnaise and some vegan salad dressing (get some seasonings, too, if you like – I like Spike on anything). Carry your condiments with you to the dining hall and “cook” at the table. (do you, like numerous dorm residents, have a tiny refrigerator in your room? if not, get one to place your goodies in)

Ask for the banana with no the sandwich. Eat fruit. Consume salads. You might accidentally discover that you like consuming raw food. Otherwise, eat the Amy’s mac and cheese and the Thai noodles (toss your salad in there and mix it about to have something various.)

You are truly lucky. They did not have such alternatives when I was on a meal plan. The only selections had been iceberg lettuce and apples or bananas. I had to supplement a excellent bit that semester.The refrigerator saved me.

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