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Posted Jul 22 2012 2:48am

Question by ~*DiskoRabbi*~:
How to incorporate meat in with “vegan” dishes for the meat eaters of the loved ones?

I am the only vegan in the family and am also the major cook. My husband and dad (who we take care of) adores meat and has to have it each single meal. They usually want the meat in what ever I cook so I finish up consuming a little of it even even though I never want to.

What is the very ideal way to cook meat on the side so my loved ones can even now have a great dinner and I can have mine?

I have no intention of forcing my consuming routines on them–thanks.


Answer by Celtic Tejas
I am married to a meat eater. I make up main dishes for us to share then a side of Meat, Poultry and so forth for him. Several instances I make up issues that can be eaten far more than as soon as throughout the week. Meatloaf, double the volume of baked Chicken, Further large batch of Chili or Pasta Sauce. etc. Then I I never usually have to cook a fresh meat dish each and each night.
If I do a thing like a stir-fry I do the veggies up then cook a protien to ideal his.
It really is easy after you start pondering about it this way.

Solution by ~November
It is not “forcing you consuming habits on them” to refuse to cook it for them. You shouldn’t have to go out of your way and against your ethics to apease your loved ones. If they want meat than fine, but you shouldn’t have to prepare it for them.

What I recommend to state is if they want meat then they can cook it themselves. It looks that it is more like them forcing their consuming habits on to her.

Solution by Great ride, cowboy
“It is not “forcing you eating routines on them” to refuse to cook it for them.”

It really is excellent to see some men and women place their beliefs over their family. Get a life, November!

I assume you are producing it also tough. Cook what you and your hubby are consuming and then cook meat on the side. You do not have to combine it in to what you happen to be eating. Make the meal that you are the two eating and then make a side of meat for him. Basic :-)

For example if you are creating spaghetti and meatballs, then cook the noodles and sauce and leave the meatballs separate so he can have his meat but you never have to incorporate it into your meals.

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