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Posted Jan 31 2011 10:47am

Question by persian_teardrop:
How long have you been vegan and have you found it easier throughout the months?

I’ve been vegan 5 months now and have not looked back// I admit making the odd mistake or finding it hard to give up favourite food like pot noodle and sweets. But i have done well, the only thing i found hard is beauty/hair products and cleaning ones as well which you can’t help as my mum purchases all that her self. I get most beauty products from Lush so that is good as it’s vegan there. I have been learning cooking vegan food as well,.


Answer by soccergirl1620
You get used to the kinds of foods you can eat. I still find it frustrating though when I go out to eat. They waiters hate me for making he meal vegan because they have to write down so many things. Sometimes they just state forget it and here comes my salad with everything on it, including ranch dressing.

Answer by shimmer
I was a vegan for 3 months (during the three years that I was a vegetarian). I did come up with some interesting recipes, such as vegan gravy (that actually tasted pretty meaty!) and all sorts of things that utilized squash & eggplant. It’s astonishing how you can make things taste completely different just by adding certain spices and seasonings, or by cooking them in different ways.

But yeah, I only lasted as a vegan for three months because it was just too hard to give up sushi!!

Answer by VeggieTart
For the most part, yeah, it’s easier. You learn what you can and can’t eat, how to read labels, what brands have stuff you can eat, websites to order stuff. You also learn what brands have vegan-friendly nonfood items, such as household items, cosmetics, health and beauty stuff, etc.

I’ve been vegan about 5-1/2 years now.

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