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Posted Mar 07 2011 8:48pm

Question by Tobias Black:
How is it probable to be vegetarian but nevertheless consume fish and chicken?

I became a vegetarian 2 years ago (approximately) and when I inform individuals I am one, the 1st point they usually ask is, Do you consume chicken or fish? I constantly say, No… I am a VEGETARIAN!

My brother mentioned a handful of months ago that he became a vegetarian but then went on to state he nonetheless eats chicken and fish. o.O

So does that imply that anybody can be a vegetarian? What qualifies an individual to be a vegetarian?


Answer by Maddison Williams
In short…it is not. TECHNICALLY, they could be deemed pollotarian. But in my (and most correct vegetarians’) opinions, that is fairly a lot BS. Pescetarians and pollotarians are NOT varieties of vegetarians–vegetarians consume no meat whatsoever. They are just on a restricted-meat diet plan. Meat also contains gelatin, rennet, and so forth.

Carnivore: Eats meat only. Normally raw. Men and women are NOT carnivores.
Omnivore: Eats meat and plants–the majority of the human race.
Pollotarian: Eats no meat except chicken eats eggs and dairy, etc.
Pescetarian: Eats no meat except fish eats eggs, dairy, and so on.
Lacto-ovo-vegetarian: Eats no meat whatsoever eats eggs, dairy, and so on.
Lacto-vegetarian: Eats no meat or eggs might consume dairy.
Ovo-vegetarian: Eats no meat or dairy could consume eggs.
Strict vegetarian/dietary vegan: Eats no meat, dairy, eggs, honey–absolutely nothing that comes from an animal. Nevertheless utilizes leather, wool, and so on.
Vegan: No longer a diet, but a lifestyle. Consumes no animal products, and makes use of practically nothing made from an animal to the extent that is practical.
Fruitarian: Eats no meat or animal items, or any root vegetables. Subsists largely on fruit and nuts.

Answer by boyd4447
A Pescetarianist is a individual who adds fish and shelfish into their standard vegitarian diet program.

Answer by Jay Lee
lol no you cannot be a vegetarian if you consume ANY type of flesh.

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