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Posted Oct 10 2011 3:49pm

Query by healthy_mind30:
How healthful is a Vegan diet? How can you make it a lot more fattening?

I have a 15 month old that is allergic to milk, eggs, chicken, PEANUTS, nuts, and peas. So, I sort of have to place her on a vegan diet regime. For these who were vegans because babies, did you drink soy milk? That is all I can give her and I know a lot of vegan recipes have soy in them. The cause that I am concerned is that I retain reading and seeing everywhere that soy is undesirable for you. This tends to make me upset because I can not help that she can only drink soy milk. I forgot to mention that I cannot give her rice milk or coconut milk. Is there anybody that is been drinking soy milk and consuming foods produced with soy for numerous years? Let me know that you are wholesome, so I can have some sort of peace of thoughts? Also, she is underweight from not getting in a position to consume so many points. Any ideas on how to fatten up her diet plan? Please aid I cannot seem to get a true straight answer out of any person else.


Answer by Marcus
Very first of all, soy milk or products made with soy are not necessarily “undesirable for you.” If you are replacing regular milk with soy milk then you aren’t giving the baby as significantly vitamin D. My wife drinks soy milk all the time and appears to be as healthful as can be. As far as fattening up her diet program, if she is not allergic to all dairy goods then yogurts and cheeses are very good. But if she is then you could try out soy yogurt and soy butter on bread. Great luck.

Answer by Gabriella
You possibly do not want to fatten your youngster but raise it in a healthful way. Make sure she gets enough protein, minerals and vitamins. The ideal factor for you is to either acquire a cookbook with vegan recipes for toddlers or place “vegan toddlers” into the google search engine. Each my kids are vegan (they are in their late teens now) and far more than healthy. A few tips what your kid could consume at this age:

Bagels with hummus
Bean burritos or tacos
Fresh or dried fruit, especially bananas
Mashed potatoes (created with soy milk and vegan margarine)
Oven-cooked chips
Pancakes and waffles
Pasta with tomato sauce
Low- salt Yeast extract sandwiches
Pizza with out cheese, topped with vegetables and pulses, tofu, or vegan meta substitutes
Raw vegetables with dips
Shakes created with soy milk and fruit
Tofu/vegetarian canines
Veggie burgers

There are lots of soy based yogurts, cheeses and cheese-spreads for a assortment, also egg cost-free mayos and so on, you can also make scrambled tofu which kids enjoy, but I advocate you talk to your doctor for far more advice.

Answer by Luckyprincess
This is all my private viewpoint I’ve been a vegan for 2 many years, but I have been vegetarian for the final 10. I have been drinking soy milk and eating soy merchandise for a extended, long time and I am entirely healthy! (no medications, no well being concerns, plus I am even six weeks pregnant right now and eating lots of soy items.) I have study the items about soy getting damaging. From the information that I have checked out about it, the meat and dairy market are massive organization in this nation. If individuals realized how wonderfully nutritious and healthy soy merchandise are, then the meat and dairy industry would shed profits. (One particular reason why they pushed that “Got Milk” campaign, and how they state drinking a glass of milk a day aids shed weight.) It’s all about the dollar. If you want a really excellent perspective on the subject – analyze this web site out – (scroll down and click on “What about soy?” by John Robbins.)
To add some wholesome fat into your daughter’s diet program, you could attempt beans or hummus. Or put some garbanzo beans in a blender with some olive oil and make a spread for crackers (type of like hummus with out the garlic and lemon.) Tofu is a good source of healthful fat. Try smoothies produced with soymilk (or chocolate soymilk), tofu or soy yogurt & some berries . Earth balance brand butter is a great supply of healthful fat. It also raises the very good cholesterol. Try it on toast or in baked goods. Soy ice cream has a lot of body fat and could not be very good to consume each day but it is an superb deal with. How about veggies dipped in vegan sour cream? I feel Tofutti brand makes a excellent sour cream with no hydrogenated oils. Or toast with a vegan cream cheese (yet again, I believe Tofutti brand tends to make this). Very good luck and I hope this helps somewhat. No worries!

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