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Posted Jun 01 2012 2:49am

Query by :
How does getting vegetarian myself really support the surroundings or animals?

I already am a vegetarian because I never want to be a element of the animal cruelty and environmental injury involved, so no need to have to try to “convert” me or anything, but am I actively Modifying anything at all? How is me personally getting a vegetarian helping? Thanks for your answers(:

P.S., if you state anything at all about killing cows for meat becoming an powerful implies of stopping methane gasoline, you are fucking retarded.
But are the factory farms actually having to pay attention to the demand of meat?


Solution by friendofchip
Of course you are.
It takes one hundred million pennies to make a million dollars.
One particular penny significantly less and you happen to be not a millionaire. Each and each part might be modest, but there is strength in numbers.

You personally will NOT be employing acres of rainforest land which a cow will graze on.
Perhaps the simplest way to look at it, is in reverse. If all the vegetarians started out eating meat, how numerous a lot more metres of my planet’s rainforest per year would be lower down ?

70% of the world’s food goes into rainsing livestock- t it is given to them to consume.
If more men and women are meat, perhaps this would be 80% and significantly less meals for humans.
If one particular cow demands 3 acres of land to graze, but some cows require 25 acres, how much much more land would be wasted on grazing cows , if much more people ate the cows that would need to have to be created by artificial insemination for these folks to eat.

You do a great deal. If you only consume cow, maybe 1 cow a year, then multiply by the quantity of vegetarian men and women you know, that is a great deal of grazing land and methane NOT created.

Solution by Daisy
It doesn’t. You could do more for the environment by not riding in cars or obtaining your electrical energy from a wind powered supply as an substitute of a coal fired plant.

Answer by Pooscifer
It operates like a vote does. One particular vote adds to a large collective sum of votes. The percentage of veg*ns in North America is quite tiny, but the sum is in the millions I feel. And yes, factory farming is an business, and like any other industry, they pay attention to provide and demand. The much less demand there is for meat, the less they create it. They also get significantly less earnings, that means they think about up significantly less land, and with significantly less provide they need much less water, grain, and land to assistance it.

@daisy stats pls.
@deer why? assistance your argument or you and daisy make all meat-eaters seem dim…even if they are not.

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