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Posted May 20 2012 6:49pm

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How does a vegan diet regime decrease blood stress?

I see a great deal of references to vegan diet programs decreasing blood pressure. But how? I can see why it might be healthy for other reasons (weight reduction, cholesterol), but exactly why would a vegan diet program lower blood strain?


Reply by badger
I assume the assumption is that, if a vegan diet regime is connected with less obesity and decrease cholesterol, it can also think about credit for conditions that go along with those things, this kind of as reduce blood stress.

Answer by ckngbbbls
Vegan diet plans are only as excellent as the choices made.
A vegan diet regime is not instantly more healthy than any other if the vegan can make poor selections.
Significantly less salt in a diet plan and much more exercise can influence blood strain.
Neither of individuals two issues have anything at all to do with vegan or not.
Vegan diet program does not instantly equal excess weight reduction or lower cholesterol either.
Its all about choices.
pasta, rice, peanut butter, bread and jam, french fries, chips, snacks, candy can all be vegan and nevertheless are not any healthier than a nicely balanced diet regime light on junk food and weighty on fruits and vegges.

Answer by too.muchtv
I believe dairy has a great deal of sodium in it. But it is primarily salt, lower entire body excess weight, and minimal pressure that will lower blood strain.

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