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Posted Aug 21 2012 1:47pm

Query by orange:
How do I become vegetarian even though nonetheless currently being healthful?

My parents say, that most vegetarians aren’t healthier and they die easily than regular men and women. Is that genuine? How do I make vegetarian food with no spending a great deal of income. Does morningfarm meals cost a lot at shops? In which can I get it in which it would be low-cost? Note: I want to be vegetarian but I even now do NOT support PETA.


Answer by Jorge Marx
substitute Nuts for meat

Reply by Strange Woman
1. your mother is insane due to the fact vegetarians are healthier than most individuals
2. vegetarianism can be cheap and straightforward!

to get your protein consume eggs and beans! It performs as very good as meat! Here are some simple vegetarian recipes!

Answer by Gemalovesyou
Vegetarians are frequently healthier than meat eaters. Aslong as you get the protein you are missing out on, you will be healthy.

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