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How "difficult" is it to be vegan?

Posted by candicepeak

I am currently a vegetarian and I have been wondering how hard it would actually be to make the switch. As a vegetarian I already pay a lot of attention to what I am eating and where my food comes from. Has anyone made the switch from vegetarian to vegan? Was it hard? Easy?
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Congrats to you for considering a plant-based diet! It sounds like you have the tools you need to make the switch effortlessly.  When I switched about 5 years ago, it was just a matter of reading labels again for a few weeks (just like I'm sure you did when you went to vegetarian)

Just be careful when buying stuff in the grocery store that say "Veggie" or "Replacer" because they can still have dairy in them.  I bought a product labeled "Veggie Cheese" That had milk in it! 

 One book I like is "Vegan for Dummies" (not saying you don't have a high IQ or anything LOL)  if you feel you want to read up.

Good Luck!

For me there is nothing easier, as I am a vegan from birth - my parents have chosen such a healthy diet for me, and I am thankful to them, as now I am a completely healthy person. But for those who have already used to junk food, this must be a hard way, and I admire people who have been able to make it through!


Julie at


Hello!--I am on the same boat as you! I am a vegetarian making a vegan-concious change day by day. It's a process that you need to take at your own pace; I was inspired to consider veganism when someone gave me the book "The Vegan Girl's Guide to Life" by Melisser Elliott. Since I started reading it, I learned a lot about the ethics of veganism and why vegans stand so proud behind their choices in lifestyle...its very intense, and very inspiring. I have been making small changes here and there; switched to earth balance instead of butter for example, and i read labels a lot more carefully now.

Hope this was helpful and hope to hear more on your progress if you decide. I find that joining communities such as this one help people like us grow and learn from other vegans; best source out there!

I think it can be hard...but it doesn't have to be.  :)  I actually love Almond Breeze almond milk, Earth Balance butter, and this amaaaaaazing cheese recipe from The Peaceful Kitchen (that lady is one amazing recipe maker let me tell you - everything I've made of hers has been stellar).  For me, cheese is probably one of the hardest things to avoid, but armed with the right recipes, you'll be just fine :)  Good luck in your journey!
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