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Posted Feb 12 2011 11:47am

Question by caligirl:
How can a vegan diet help you to lose weight?

Can a vegan diet help you to lose weight and even tone up? What are the ideal vegan foods to help you to lean out?


Answer by birdie
Actually that is not true for new (less than 5 years) Vegans…most tend to eat too many sweets.

Sugar is sugar. Carbs are Carbs. Exercise is still the only way to tone up. It is tough to learn how to be a good Vegan…A lot of studying or just eating at a Vegan Restaurant that serves balanced food. I am no longer a Vegan but eat that way most of the time and I do not regret all the recipes and different ethnic foods I learned to make.

I also eat that way when I am broke…so it might be helpful during the next year when America hits the bottom.

Answer by ƄŔěƝđŎŊ îş ŇōƮ ďēăĐ‼
A well balanced vegan diet can help you lose weight because…
It’s based on vegetables, and grains. Perfect foods for losing weight.
A balanced vegan diet is high is vegetable protein, reasonable carbs, lots of fiber, and very tiny to none saturated or trans fats.
An unblanaced vegan diet (a junk food vegan) will gain weight from the tons of carbs that they eat from all the junk food that is out there.
If you are going vegan I suggested that you look at the NEW Vegan Food Pyramid.
The old one had grains as a base, the new one has vegetables as a base.
Here’s a link to the new one:

Answer by Scocasso !
> Can a vegan diet help you to lose weight and even tone up?

Well, a vegan diet will help you lose weight only if your excess fat is due to your non-vegan diet. That is, it’s about your diet and not your level of exercise. But actually, it really has more to do with your level of exercise. You can eat anything you want and not gain an ounce as long as you exercise enough. True. But, if you are eating a lot of crap, you might be fit and thin but you might not be very healthy at all. Vegan does not mean you are instantly ‘healthy’. Lots of vegans I have met still do not know how to cook, still mainly eat junk foods and processed foods, eat very tiny ‘real’ food etc. etc. So, yeah, eating healthy and being vegan are two different things. So get off of your lazy ass and exercise. No, do not go jogging. Go running. Run as fast and as hard as you can for as long as you can. That is exercise. Yoga, no, that is not exercise. Running on the treadmill at the gym, no. Get outside, get some fresh air, get on your bicycle or on your own two feet and go hard, really hard. Find your limits, and take it beyond your limits.

> What are the ideal vegan foods to help you to lean out?
Um… all vegan foods…? There is no animal fat in a vegan diet, so… yeah, it’s all lean. But, of course there are the ‘good oils’ and the ‘bad oils’.

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