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Posted Jul 31 2010 9:53pm

I AM HOME FINALLY. YAY!!! SO SO SO SO HAPPY. My pillows have never felt  softer, my blankets have never felt thicker. Everywhere feels so insanely clean. I can just cry in happiness.

On Friday, A5hley made a RAW CHEESECAKE for me as a parting gift and I was really touched!!!

Doesn’t it look good? Recipe here:

The “cheese” is basically soaked blended raw cashew nuts and A5hley used almonds, dates and oats for the crust. It was so good, I had two heaping slices but then after that I felt kinda ill. Haha. But anyway, since the cake is almost all nuts and dates, it’s crazily expensive, so I won’t be making it any time soon.

In the evening, I had a farewell dinner with 4ndrew and 4gnes at our fav vegan restaurant. It was really nice sitting there, eating with them and talking and laughing like good friends. I’ll really miss the two of them!! I’m so grateful for their friendship in the past three months. 4ndrew hugged me like TEN TIMES cos I said I don’t like people to hug me. He would dive at me when I wasn’t paying attention and hug me to death. I really wanted to punch him in the eye.

Then on Saturday, when I got to the airport, the woman  at the counter said…… luggage bag was 8kg OVER THE LIMIT. Each 1kg extra was S$31. I nearly fainted. Of course I wasn’t going to pay over S$240 just to bring it back!! So i went to a corner of the airport and started giving away all the heavy things.

“Who wants organic vegan soap and shampoo?”

Hordes  of airport workers descended upon me like hungry vultures.

“Who wants free vegetarian DVDs?”

“Who wants Fast Food Nation and my favourite Bill Bryson book?”

“Who wants dried mangos?”

“Free organic coconut sugar?”

“Organic quinoa!”

“Organic brown rice!”

And just like that, 8kg was gone from my bag. And so, my dear friends, I’m very sorry that I don’t have any organic vegan soap and shampoo to give you. I bought SOOO many gorgeous, Earth-friendly soaps. I had practically nothing left in my bag except clothes and my 1000000kg blender!!!!! URgh!!! It’s the blender that took up most of the weight, I tell you!!!

Filipinos really LOVE free things. I tossed away my old notebooks into the bin, and they actually took out the bin and started digging into it. I was a bit incredulous.

Then I ran to the counter and everyone boarding my flight was GONE. GONE. The guy said, “The boarding gate is closing in ten minutes.” I said, “Shit, so I’m going to be late? F***. Shit. Crap.” I get real eloquent like that when I’m flustered.

I still had to queue to get through to the customs. My line moved even slower than an ant crawls. The woman at the customs spoke slowly, as all Filipinos do. Really, I have no idea why she was talking for so long to each person. I imagined the conversation went like this:

“So, what’s your name?”

“How many kids do you have?”

“How old is your little boy?”

“What school does he  go to?”

“Do you have a dog?”

“I think Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt do not make a good couple, do you?”

“Let’s chat for half an hour more so that Cassandra will be late for her flight, ok?”

My ticket said my boarding gate was closing at 9.50am. By the time I reached the customs gate, it was 10.30am. I told the woman, “My boarding gate closed 40 minutes ago.” She looked at me in horror. “Really?!”

But anyway, of course my plane did not leave without me. And you know why??? That’s because I used THE SECRET.

If you’ve never heard of The Secret, visit this:

What is The Secret? It is so secret that I can’t tell you. Well, no, actually I can. Basically I  read a book the night before that says the secret is the “law of attraction”. Whatever we think, we attract. Since I keep thinking that all manila cab drivers are scumbags, I keep attracting these scumbags. So I used THE SECRET. I thought, “I AM GOING TO REACH THERE ON TIME. MY PLANE WILL WAIT FOR ME. MY PLANE WILL WAIT FOR ME.”


Got back to Sg, met my mom and sis, visited my father in the hospital, went home, and cleared my kitchen. It was very liberating. I threw away all the white sugar, white salt, white flour, MSG-laden sauces, Nutella, bread, breakfast cereals, chocolates, ice-cream, butter, biscuits, snacks, and dried ikan-bilis and other weird things in the fridge. Whatever was not a fruit or a vegetable or a nut went down the bin. After I was done, my kitchen was pretty bare.

My mom went berserk. She started screaming like a banshee and saying that the chocolates/ice-cream/butter/ etc were very expensive, blahblahblah. I told her dairy causes cancer and osteoporosis, but do you think she cares? Of course not.

But at least my sister  is finally seeing the light!! At the start of the year – in fact, for the last five years actually, she has continually mocked me for not eating meat, and she used to sneer at me and say things like, “Yum yum, this beef is sooo good”. She rolled her eyes when I told her cow’s milk was bad. She would say, “Oh please, my doctor friend says milk is GOOD. You’re not even a doctor, you’re full of shit.”

But after I passed her books and articles to read, she realised… I HAVE BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG. But now she keeps saying it’s hard finding a place to eat during lunch, she’s being very troublesome for her colleagues cos she’s a vegetarian, and it’s hard to be social when you don’t take meat, fish, and dairy.

Well, that I do have to agree….

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