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Hey guys! I decided to stop ...

Posted May 04 2011 2:31am

Hey guys! I decided to stop this blog cos I didn’t really feel like blogging anymore. But just got an itch to talk about yesterday!

I had a very amazing day yesterday. Did I mention that I’ve six weeks of master classes after the M & Y seminar? So anyway, yesterday was the second session of masterclass. My group at first consisted of George, James, me, and some China guy called Song, who wears braces, and hardly speaks a single word. Song abandoned our group at the very last minute, and we were all wondering what we were gonna do because the workload seemed like a bit too much for three people to handle. Also, we spent FIVE hours last week discussing our business plan and arrived at a none-too-concrete answer, and then yesterday we discussed from 2pm to 7.30pm – can you fricking believe it? – and just when we had settled everything in the first half, James came back from his other meeting and spouted some idea which changed our whole plan, which made me seethe and boil like an inflamed pimple.

James has a lot of ideas, and he’s forever going off on tangents, and then expounding on the tangents in great detail, and changing the entire plan, so I was REALLY NOT HAPPY, and George, to me, is kind of the peace-maker, and he just wants to please everyone, while I don’t like to voice my anger, so both of us just look at each other whenever James goes off on his tangents.

Well but James is a very nice person, I’ve to say. He’s ridiculously happy and optimistic, and every day, without fail, he posts on his Facebook about what a beautiful day of “Love! Abundance! Joy! And Wealth!” that he is enjoying and says things like,  ”And today the Great Spirit spoke to me in the shower and said, “Son, you can earn $1,000,000 next year, and up to $1,000,000 every month after that!” I swear he does that. Even in his smses, he says, “Thank you for your wonderful affirmation! I wish you an incredible day ahead!” Nothing seems to get him down. Although yesterday, after I voiced my unhappiness, he seemed to drop to the Earth with a thud. But fret not, he has bounced back to his happy self in the clouds again.

We were taught not to keep our unhappiness to ourselves and to share our concerns with our group by ending every session with a “What I really feel like saying is……” And yesterday James leaned his face so close to me while asking me what I really felt like saying, while chewing his DUCK RICE IN FRONT OF ME, and I wanted to shout, “I REALLY FEEL LIKE PUNCHING YOU!” but of course I didn’t. Anyway, we’re cool now. And it’s amazing how much I feel closer to him now that I’ve told him what I REALLY think about him lol.

And of course, everything happens for a reason! We went into class, and there were six new people for us to choose two members from, and my group chose Vincent – the most amazing guy I’ve ever met, EVER! – and Angeline, the wife of a multi-millionaire hahaha. I’m really glad now that Song decided to leave for China at the last minute. Vincent’s FRICKING amazing. WHY? Because he’s an ex-doctor who is now a 100% raw foodist (he’s only the second completely raw person I’ve ever met) and I love his energy and passion for life, and how he’s so into educating people about health. And I also love how he wears tattered berms and an old white tshirt to class when he’s a fricking millionaire.

Yesterday we played another game, which took up almost two hours even though it felt like time flew by, and my team was in a mess. Vincent and Angeline were very focused on making fishes, while George was wandering around doing “market research” by spying on other teams and James was brainstorming on how we could make money WITHOUT selling fishes. So it was very disorganized and we ended up in a huge debt which was quite funny. Except that the others didn’t quite seem to think so. Haha. I really feel very stretched by the team meetings and the games played during these classes… learned many new lessons.

I received a horrifying email today from my prof telling me that I got a F for one of my modules. My first F ever in my history of primary, secondary, junior college, and university LIFE. I can’t believe he failed me simply because I didn’t hand up 30% of my work! So mean. The very first thing I did was to call Nessa up and she screamed, “OK, Luls! You just go to school right now and show some leg and ask him to give you a pass!” Very brilliant, Nessa. “Show some leg” and hope he will pass me, huh? I hope things work out all right in the end and I can graduate by end June like everyone else in Term 2.

I’m very amazed at life and amazed by the kinds of people I’m attracting into my life now. I really appreciate each and every single new person I’ve met through M & Y, and they are really the funniest, most fun-loving people ever, and I just LOVE how we all share similar values and beliefs.

I’m really excited for the next four weeks and I’m happy and thankful for my group members! Very!

Enjoy this video!

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