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Guest blogger: Garlic Gold inspired garlic cheese biscuits

Posted Jan 22 2011 4:14pm

Today I am going to share with you an original garlic cheese biscuit recipe inspired by Garlic Gold garlic flavored 100 % virgin olive oil.  You can purchase Garlic Gold Here if you haven’t yet.

***If you don’t have any Garlic Gold to use, maybe the best other option may be to substitute the Garlic Gold with 1.25 times the oil required.  Add this to some chopped/smashed garlic cloves in the frying pan and after a few minutes of frying, strain the oil so no garlic pieces are in it and chill it in the freezer.  (I have done this before and it produces a very strong garlic aroma in the house, which may or may not be desirable to you)  The reason for chilling the olive oil after removing from the frying pan is simply because the more chilled all of our ingredients are, the better form the biscuits will take on the pan.

For this recipe, we will need both "hardware" and "software" (lol, a joke, I am studying software engineering at Iowa State, go Cyclones :-) )

Hardware:  big metal biscuit mixing bowl, wooden spoon, both a tablespoon and teaspoon from your silverware drawer (that’s what I use to measure all of the ingredients ending in a .tsp or .tbsp extension (.tsp = file extension – get it?  Winking smile), and you should too in this instance), a liquid measuring cup, a 1/4 dry measure cup, and a plate to keep the dirty utensils on so you don’t make a big mess.

Software: Garlic Gold olive oil, canola oil, milk, unbleached all-purpose flour, iodized fine salt (not sea salt), sugar, baking powder, and finely shredded cheese (either colby jack, monterey jack, or cheddar jack, depending on your preferences).

1.  Combine 2 .tbsp of Garlic Gold and 2 .tbsp of canola oil (for a stronger garlic flavor, add more Garlic Gold and less canola oil, be sure that the amounts total 4 .tbsp of oil).

2.  Add to that 1/4 cup of milk, and 1+1/2 or 2 .tsp of water in the bowl and stir.

3.  Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees and get your non-stick baking pan out, just about done!

4.  Either in the same bowl (spread around evenly) in another bowl (depending on your preferences), add 5/8 cup of flour (for crispy biscuits – recommended) 3/8 cup of flour (for softer smooth tops) – make sure it is unbleached all-purpose flour.

5.  Add to that 1/4 .tsp of sugar, 1/4 .tsp of salt, 3/4 .tsp of baking powder (be careful with baking powder, if you are not sure if you are adding the right amount, use a little less because if you add too much baking powder, even just a little bit, it will end up tasting bitter) and stir.

6. If you haven’t combined the ingredients yet (if that’s not how you "roll"), then go ahead and combine all of the ingredients.

7. Add as much cheese as your heart desires, sprinkle it on the top and stir in the cheese.

8. At this point, the dough should be kind of hard, and you should be able to stick your spoons in it like in my picture without them quickly falling down.

9. We are ready to place these on a nonstick baking pan.  Use your tablespoon to cut a biscuit out of the dough, use your teaspoon to scrape the dough off of the tablespoon onto the pan.  Use both of the spoons to "shape" the dough on the baking pan however you want, you can’t go wrong!

10.  Throw the pan in the pre-heated oven for:

  • 9 minutes if you have more than 6 biscuits
  • 10 minutes if you have six biscuits
  • 11 minutes if you have five biscuits

After they are done, enjoy!


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