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Green Monster.

Posted May 09 2011 11:41pm

Happy Monday!

If you’re a new reader and found me through my guest post on Sweet Tooth Runner, hello! If you have no idea what I’m talking about check out my guest post here  on Emma’s blog!

Confession: There is a green monster back in my life.

I’m not talking about a yummy smoothie

or jealousy

I’m talking about this green monster……
Remember a week ago when I made the goal to give up coffee? That lasted long.

I enjoyed this iced coffee along side my dinner last night (which probably explains why I was until 2am)
Dinner looked a lot like yesterdays lunch, but I added cinnamon to my sammie this time. Made it even better!
I also had a snack plate for dessert
Apple, Some Dates, & TJ’s Dark Chocolate
I did the 30 Day Shred yesterday, I do it every once in while, but I wonder if I could last all 30 days or give up from boredom?

Today was filled with lots of homework and I still have so much to do! Gah, crazy quarter.

Breakfast was my usual oats, but lunch was a little different then the norm.
Baked Falafel (from a box), Dog Food  TJ’s Cumin Chickpeas, Chickpeas, Hummus, & Spinach
This dude was so filling! I wasn’t really in love with the falafel. I prefer homemade.

*insert domination of a Just Mango and more homework*

It was time for a run and I had a 4 miler planed.

I fueled up with
GF Bread and PB+Some Dates
No time for plates! (Speaking of plates, I lurrrrrve my new ones!)
I walked to union square and grabbed a grande iced coffee along the way. I thought I could enjoy it while I waited to get a satellite signal on Kevin.  Well I got one a lot faster then I expected and chugged the whole iced coffee in about 3 sips. MISTAKE.

I was about .5 miles in and my tummy started to feel weird. By the time I got to mile 2 I knew I was about to get sick. Luckily I was right by the edge of the pier and was able to get there before I just puked on the side of the path.

No one ever told me not to eat half a pack of dried mangos, toast, and dates within an hour of running and then washing it down with some black coffee would effect my running. Sheesh, next time I know.

There were definitely some tourists looking at me like I was crazy “uhhh, welcome to San Francisco” As I gracefully stepped down from the edge of the pier, wiped my mouth with my sweatshirt, this guy stepped in front of me and hit on me! I was like really dude? You are a creeper. Jk, I didn’t say that but I politely got away from that conversation as fast as I could.

My pace was actually pretty good. I didn’t feel like I was pushing to hard, so I was happy that I had ran 2 miles in under 18 min
I walked the 2 miles back home and then for dinner I had a green monster that would love me back
I wasn’t feeling like anything solid, so this was perfect. My tummy still feels a little weird so I’m hoping it goes away by morning.

Hope you all had a good weekend! I can’t wait for tomorrows post. I’m not gonna tell you what it is, but I will show you what it leaves behind…..

Have you done the 30 Day Shred? Have you done it 30 days consecutively?
I think I’ve done 8 days of it in a row, then I would just get bored of it.

Have you ever gotten sick on a run?
That would be my first!

What do you think tomorrows post will be about? 

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