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Green Bread and a New Friend

Posted Apr 12 2010 6:35pm

Another wet, cold and windy day – good day to be stuck at work or be a duck. Hopefully today will be the last of the rain for at least a few days, but the temps are still a little on the cool side. Sigh … Spring will be here soon … Spring will be here soon… I got a chuckle out of this today .

“I am really pleased with Eric as a driver and teammate and his vegan, raw diet is very similar to mine. He did a great job in qualifying and ran very well early in the race until we had to pit.”

Performance driving hegans! :-) Love it.

Another fun recipe I tried this weekend is Gena’s Lucky Hemp Bread and I was super-thrilled that it came out looking a lot like the picture!

I don’t eat flax seeds as much as I should and have not been using my dehydrator as much as I’d like to lately, so I’m committing myself to do so trying more healthy breads and crackers for hubby and I. I seasoned the bread mixture with a chipotle pepper mix to add a little flair. When I initially mixed the food-processed mixture in a bowl with the whole hemp seeds, I found it a little too gloppy to spread on a dehydrator sheet and added water post-food processor to it to make it more spreadable, which seemed to work fine.

Currently I only have two non-stick sheets from my Excalibur dehydrator and this recipe uses both of them, one to dry on one side and the other to flip the bread onto, cut and dry on the other side. I got 9 big “slices” out of this batch. But, this might be a good excuse to check out the Excalibur factory in Sacramento and get more sheets for bigger batches. :-) So far everyone who has sampled it has really liked it, my mom even said this is her favorite raw bread recipe so far.

It was very tasty with raw cauliflower curry soup – loaded wit coconut milk and macadamia nuts, very decadent for such a dreary Monday, and fresh pineapple chunks.

Notice the cheery yellow and green colors, just me convincing myself that Spring is just around the corner … anytime now.

Then for dinner I had the bread with sun-dried cashew ricotta and garden vegetable soup, a great combo.

During a raw food prep class I attended at few months ago, the instructor held up a raw collard green leaf she was using for a wrap and pointed out the bug chew holes in the leaf stating it was a good thing and proves the leaf is organic, bugs are a natural part of gardening and we shouldn’t be squeamish about a chew hole here or there, it’s way better for you than pesticides. Not that bug holes ever bothered me, I’ve seen my share growing up eating chard, spinach, peas and whatever else my father was growing in the family hydroponic garden. I had another organic experience snacking on organic black walnuts yesterday.

I named him George and set him and the walnut in the backyard for our feathered friends to enjoy. Have you had any recent organic experiences? :-)

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