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GrannyChoe’s Vegan Kimchi!

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm

I am someone who could eat a whole container of cayenne pepper. Okay, that might be an exaggeration but I do eat everything topped with cayenne. I love things spicy to the max! and for that reason, I love myself some kimchi everyday!

I grew up eating kimchi daily in my wonderful Korean family environment. Kimchi was something that was there at every meal no matter what. There are 100+ kinds of various kimchi that are made from different vegatables but the most famous one known to the world is the red one made with cabbage.

Usually, kimchi has fish paste in it. So I was VERY excited to find VEGAN kimchi from Granny Choe!


Kimchi is the name for Korean fermented vegetables, and the most popular variety is spicy cabbage kimchi. But kimchi is so much more than fermented vegetables. Kimchi is the quintessential Korean food, and the basis for entire cookbooks.

Granny Choe makes their kimchi by hand using only fresh, natural ingredients. There is no preservatives, artificial flavorings, or MSG.

Kimchi’s nutritional benefits are great enough for Health magazine to have declared it one of the “World’s Healthiest Foods”. Fresh kimchi is rich in Vitamins A, B and C, and like yogurt, it is teeming with good-for-you bacteria. Yum!

They have three different kimchis: cabbage kimchi (that is red!), mild white kimchi (which is white), and daikon radish kimchi

Traditionally, kimchi is eaten with rice. However, I’ve eaten kimchi with almost anything. Now, don’t think I’m weird, but I’ve even eaten it on whole wheat breads. YUM!

You could also eat it in a seaweed wraps. My mom used to layer the seaweed wrap with rice and kimchi and feed it to my siblings and me especially because we never liked to eat (weird I know!).

It’s super yummy in stir-fries as well. You could stir-fry it with rice or lotsa veggies. Some people enjoy kimchi with soba noodles too.

CHOICES are endless!

In fact, I’m going to try savory oats tomorrow morning with kimchi! I can’t wait ;)

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