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Going With the Flow

Posted Oct 23 2008 1:20pm

I often find myself itching with the desire to change, which usually manifests itself as adietarychange. I always want to go all the way, right away, knowing that there is nothing particularly glamorous about taking baby steps. I've also known for quite some time that you cannot force change. This is a truth that most often appears for me on the yoga mat (where force and expectations only hinder your "progress") but has recently turned up on my dinner plate as well. After all, what is wrong with the way things are, right here, right now?

I'm not sure why I never realized it, but within the past week or so I had one of those lightbulb moments in which I came to the conclusion that my approach to the burning question, "what should we eat?" was entirely wrong. My failure to "go raw" or "go macrobiotic" [etc] was not caused by some fundamental flaw in my Self, but rather in my view of change. I was viewing change as something I could thrust upon my life rather than something - a force - that would naturallymove throughme and bring me to the "proper" diet in due time. I was operating under the notion that I was incontrol(or was trying to assert control over my life through my food choices), so when I found myself compltetely out of control, eating some "forbidden" food, this was a failure of my Self. What I've realized is that every dietary change I've made over the past six years or so has been extremely gradual - I did not eat the way I eat now even six months ago, let alone when I was growing up. I made every subsequent change because it felt right andnaturalat the time, not because I felt guilty for eating the "wrong" foods or because I felt I *should* be eating a certain way. I think the key in making peace with your food is to eat in a way that feels completely natural foryouin any given moment in time. Now of course, there are many things that can cloud your intuition, such as stress, hormones, emotions, personal history, traditions, etc, but if you seek the silence and wait for an answer,you will find the way to eat.

Today I happened upon an article that resonated deeply with the sentiment of this emergent realization of mine. I hope you will read it if you get a chance. It is always encouraging to read my own thoughts reflected in another writer's words. I am grateful for this new sense of freedom - the sense that where I am is okay! - and am glad I get to share it with you all. Here's to going with the flow!

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