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Going Vegan in January

Posted by soco5

I became a vegetarian for health reasons more then anything. Then of course after doing more research it is no longer only for my own health but for all the animals. I feel great! Because I feel great I have decided to go Vegan. I know this will improve my health even more.

Can anyone give me some basic steps to making it easier for me to transition? I have a hard time reading labels to make sure the products I'm buying don't have any egg or dairy products in them..... How can I prevent from intaking something that is not Vegan without my knowledge? Not sure if it makes sense.....

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Try to be relaxed about it and concentrate on the health aspect of it - the animals and the environment is the icing on the cake.

If you get too hung up on it you are liable to stress yourself and undermine the health benefits. You'll do more for the animals by being a healthy happy vegan.

Obviously the less processed and refined foods are less liable to have ingredients sneaked in but a good measure is that many animal products are allergens so in that Allergy box is a great help to immediate spot contains milk, contains egg, contains fish etc


see and

Vegans think too much about animals. They visit the Google You tube videos about milking of Cows and post stupid comments like milk is for babies. In the beginning I got confused. I thought they meant human babies. Then one vegan spelled itout. Some body called the youngpne of a cow a calf. He said why do you call it a calf. It is a baby. They get tortured when they see the teats of cows or goats or sheep being squeezed or machine sucked. Cows have been milked for ages. Milk produces income for millions of farmers. The reason I made this comment is you asked how can I prevent intake of food that is not vegan. My answer is whether or not you ingest food that contains milk is not going to matter. People are going to drink milk. I've hand squeezed the teats of cows and goats. I've not squeezed the teats of a sheep. I'd love to do it. Enjoy life. Stop telling yourself I want to be a vegetarian or to be a vegan. Like you said you will become a vegetarian in January. Most people mean that they will stop eating meat. You meant you'll start drinking milk. Then you become began again. What happened. Any way stop worrying if you ingested milk product. You'll not die.
Is that you in the Picture?  I love your Yoga Pose. I saw a video about an Island in Mediterranian. It is by a foundation. They take people to farms. They milk the goats. I saw such happiness on their faces as they squeezed the teats. I've never seen people do what they were doing in the video. One person will hold the udder. The other will squeeze the teat. You do not have to go to medeterranian to milk a goat. There are several hotels that have goats and cows for the guests to milk. You can find about them by googling. You'd love it if you went to one of these places for a vecation. 

I would highly recommend a gradual incorporation of vegan foods.  I used to be mostly vegetarian, but I quickly realised that most of my foods were covered in cheese.  If you are doing it for mostly health reasons, you don't have to be millitant about it, taking a relaxed approach will lead to long term success.

I would highly recommend going to vegan blog complilation sites for food inspirations.  One of my favorites is . The pictures link to vegan recipes on tons of blogs.  I'm not fully vegan, but I love the vegan whole food options.  I'm always amazed at how many of my vegetarian favorites just needed slight variations to be made vegan.

Do be careful about injesting too much soy.  I would recommend keeping the soy for tofu and tempeh dishes and drink coconut and almond milk.

I love the advice given by sometimesiveg. I would definately agree to watch the soy products as you can get lots of protein by just ingesting a healthy diet as most foods contain protein.  Nuts and nut butters are a great high protein source.

The way I found it easy, was I took it meal by meal.  I started with breakfast and I said "OK, I will only eat vegan breakfasts. (that was pretty easy), then I went to lunch etc.  It allowed me to focus on one meal and get comfy with it without stressing all day.  In a few weeks I was totally vegan.

Good luck! There is a book "Living Vegan for Dummies"  It's a good start (there's also Cooking Vegan for Dummies...not saying you're a dummy...)

I suggest gradually incoperating more vegan friendly foods ( there are a ton of delicious vegan alternatives out there) and reducing your intake of non vegan foods such as dairy products and eggs. Also just continue to educate yourself about a vegan diet including healthy habits. Also begin to experiemnt more with cooking, I have found by being creative in the kitchen I am never bored with my food or desire any non vegan items.
I'm only vegetarian, but I'd advise easing into it! Incorporate more vegan friendly foods slowly, every little bit makes a difference! And if you go slow, you're more likely to stick to it (you won't get such crazy cravings if you cut it down to dairy once a day, then once a week, then once a month, then not anymore)...
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