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Go Go Gadget

Posted Aug 30 2013 5:23am

Before I work out I first have to make sure I am plugged into all my gadgets, I feel lost without them, and I certainly think gadgets can have a huge impact on performance. It usually takes me a few minutes before a run to make sure everything is plugged in and switched on, and my worst nightmare is if the battery is low on something-how will I cope without it?!









There are loads of amazing fitness gadgets on the market, click here to see some of the top ones out there. I thought I would recap a few of my favourites that I can’t live without.

Putting the Garmin away

My favourite gadget is the Garmin Forerunner , it’s an absolute beast, but I know there are smaller and prettier models now available. Using GPS the forerunner records pace, distance and your route and gives you instant on the run feedback. I always find I run quicker while using it as I am more aware of my pace, and I never go for a tempo run or long run without it. I love uploading the data after a run to compare and track progress on the Garmin connect program, or programs like Map My Run or Daily Mile.

The garmin is back!

My iPod is another gadget I couldn’t live without, alongside my sport headphones, and running armband. I rarely go without music on the run, and it definitely gives you a boost when a favourite song comes on. I like to put together playlists for races, and it’s really helpful if you are going through a rough patch.









There is nothing worse than headphones that won’t stay in place and continually fall out of your ear during a workout. I am currently using Phillips sport ones, which are comfy and stay in place. The Y urbud ones look great, they are specifically designed by athletes for athletes, plus they look cool as well which is always a bonus.

DSCF1161 There are a number of really cool fitness gadgets on my wish list. I am yet to try trackers like the Nike fuel band and the Fitbit , which track your activity and provide loads of on-line feedback and motivation. I am quite tempted to get one this Christmas.

DSCF6054 My Camelbak is essential for me on long runs, I take it on anything over the 7-8 mile mark, and usually fill it with a mix of water and coconut water. I find it really easy to carry with me, and it doesn’t bother me at all as it’s so comfortable. I find it much better than any other belts or packs I’ve tried in the past, and I hate carrying water in my hand so this is the perfect solution.

Picture 1

Websites or apps like Daily Mile, Map My Run or M yFitnessPal are also brilliant ways of tracking your progress and keeping you motivated. I use Daily Mile and Map My Run and love to compare my stats from previous runs, as well as looking at weekly, monthly and yearly trends.

We really are spoilt for choice these days with the wealth of gadgets out there, but as much as I love all the tech stuff, sometimes it’s nice to just run free and leave it all behind. Sometimes I am so distracted my numbers: pace, time, distance that I don’t even enjoy the run or take in my surroundings, so every now and then I like to go without the gadgets. My last two races I’ve run without some of them (by accident) and it’s been quite liberating.

What are your favourite sports gadgets?

To gadget or not to gadget?


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