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Gluten Free, Vegan Sandwich Bread

Posted Oct 28 2013 3:15pm

Bread has to be the hardest thing to "give up" when you are avoiding gluten.  Now, I am not officially avoiding gluten, but I should be!  I know that eating too much is not good for me.  I think I developed an intolerance from making so much seitan.  When I touch Vital Wheat Gluten, I break out in hives.

My lovely, amazing friend, Krys is transitioning her family to a Gluten Free diet because her son was recently diagnosed with Autism.  (There is some speculation that a Gluten, Free, Caesin Free diet can aid in the treatment of Autism.)

I was thinking of her and her boys this morning and was inspired to create this bread recipe.

This is not a finished recipe.  It was my first go around, and I know what I will do differently next time.

Keep in mind, that I didn't really expect this to turn out as well as it did, so I wasn't as precise as I could be.  I ground my whole grains into flour in the Vita Mix.  I'm sorry I didn't measure the actual amount of flour, only the grains. Like I said, I wasn't expecting this to be a finished recipe, so I was more taking notes for myself.  The next time I made this, I will measure the actual flour itself.

I also used Quinoa, which intuitively I KNEW would not be a great choice.  I originally was going to use all mostly millet, but the rest of my millet is downstairs, and my foot is really hurting today, so I didn't feel like going downstairs..  my bad... because quinoa is too strong of a flavor for the bread.. (although, it is totally still edible and I'm sure once it sits overnight and I toast it and add a burger and veggies and mayo to it, it will be pretty good.. but I KNOW I can do better!

  • 3 cups warm water
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 tbsp. yeast
  • ½ cup flax meal
  • ½ cup oat fiber
  • 1 tbsp. sugar
  • 1 cup old fashioned oatmeal
  • 1 cup dry quinoa
  • 1 cup dry millet
  • ½ cup dry sorghum
  • ½ cup dry brown rice
  • 1 tbsp. salt
  • 2 tbsp. xanthan gum

  1. In a large bowl add the water, oil, flax, oat fiber, sugar and yeast.
  2. Allow mixture to bloom for 5 minutes, then stir in the oatmeal.
  3. In a high powder blender, add the quinoa, millet, sorghum and rice, along with the salt. Blend into flour
  4. Add xanthan gum to the yeast mixture and stir, then add the flour. Mix until very well combined, then cover and let rise for an hour.
  5. Spray an 8 inch loaf pan with cooking spray and spoon batter into the pan.
  6. Bake at 375 for around 1 hour 10 minutes, let cool completely before slicing.
Here's the bread in the oven, halfway through the baking process.  I start it in the pan, then take it out and put it on the baking stones (unglazed tiles from Home Depot, $2) to finish baking, rotating the loaf every 6 mins or so. 

What I am planning on changing the next time I made the bread:
  • Replacing the quinoa with oat flour ground from steel cut oats. 
  • Measuring the flour after I grind it, since I know many people don't have a Vita Mix or blender that is able to grind grains into flour.
I think that will make a big difference in the flavor, but I'm sure happy with the texture.

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