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Ginger mango smoothie

Posted Oct 09 2009 10:03pm

Right now I'm having a love affair with ginger. I have this thing with food that I suddenly feel like eating something as if I can't live without it. It may take days or weeks when I suddenly don't need it anymore. Luckily I'm not like this with men, in any case not with my Frankie:) Okay, back to subject ginger. I bought some fresh ginger yesterday. I have ginger in the freezer but for some odd reason I just decided to buy fresh ginger root. So I came home and started chopping a piece of ginger not knowing what I'd end up doing with it. Fresh ginger smells so heavenly. Then with another little piece that I broke off I decided to throw it in the Vita-mix and make a smoothie. I think orange is nice with ginger but didn't have oranges. Luckily I had a ripe large mango. I always have to be strict with myself to just throw those lucious yellow pieces of mango in the mixer instead of in my mouth. Mmmm. Then add one banana, pear and passionfruit juice (or another sort of tropical tasting juice), hemp seeds and whatever else you add to smoothies. Oh, and what I did with that chopped ginger? No it's not still lying there in the kitchen waiting for something to happen. See next post...
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