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Frightfully Good Pumpkin Ice Cream (and other Hallowe'en happenings)

Posted Oct 31 2010 9:11am
pumpkin pie ice cream
(when you don't have to carve them, that is - will get to that later)

Happy Hallowe'en everyone!  Hey, I've heard there are some cities that held trick or treating last night - smart!  Most of us have the spooktacular happenings tonight, which makes for a dragging school morning tomorrow - yep, that's when things will REALLY get scary!

We have done most our house decorating, and I will post some pics later when finished.  You really get the full effect when the blinky skeleton lights are going, though.  And, when you walk by our noisy gargoyle and skeleton head that shriek with motion.  Hee.  Joke was on me one year, though, when I left our skeleton head switched "on", and walked past it in the middle of the night - almost passed out!

We didn't get to as much pumpkin carving this year.  Really, whoever began carving pumpkins was some kind of nut.  Well, the carving isn't so bad.  It's the hollowing out of those squash-beasts!  Good heavens!  Not fun.  Anyhow, here is our masterpiece this year, our puking-pumpkin, or as our older daughter says "he's so PRO" (that's the hip word apparently), so he's our "pro-puking-pumpkin".  Again, joke was on me this year when I found cat puke on our bed comforter just after carving this pumpkin. oi!  Like I didn't have enough going on yesterday to then wash a comforter!  Anyhow, we'll probably do some Mr. Potato Head pumpkins later today, I've shown those before .  Easy, and unlike the carving pumpkins, it's actually fun rather than work!

As for the food, I am definitely making some Pumpkin Cupcakes today - will try to get a pic up later.  Yummy!  I think I'm making these for myself, since, after I pillage through our girls treats, there will be little to nothing there I will break open (I don't dig candy, and all the chocolate is dairy).  I'm also making a big stew of sorts for dinner, a Fusion Coconut Lentil Soup, to warm us up before heading out in the cold.  I've been tweaking and tinkering with this recipe for quite some time now, and just about have something I really love.  Tomorrow I might get to making some Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream with the leftover canned pumpkin I have in the freezer and fridge.  So, I thought I'd post the recipe for you , maybe you can make it for your Hallowe'en festivities today!  Hope you enjoy. :)

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