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Fresh Out of the Oven

Posted May 14 2009 5:05pm
Hey friends :)
I feel like it should be Thursday. This week is already seeming to be so long! The only good thing is that I have no homework tonight. Well, except for reading The Great Gatsby but I'm already ahead on that. I actually really love that book. It's my favorite book in English class so far (and I'm talking all my high school years of English ). The only problem is that my teacher made us watch the movie first! Who does that?! She said it was so we could understand the text... umm people are just going to skip the reading because they know what happens in the movie. Sure, the movie helps understand the scenes (if your not a great reader) but it should be watched afterwards, to clear up any confusion. Anyway, enough of my ranting...I made such a creative and fun breakfast this morning. I got the idea from theFoods That Fit blogandCCV. It's a Snickerdoodle Breakfast Cookie. I used...
-1/2 cup oats + 1/2 cup water + 1/4 cup almond milk
-1 tsp cinnamon
-1 tsp vanilla
I let that soak in the fridge for about 2 hours then blended until creamy. You could also wait until morning to blend but I knew I wouldn't have time. I just made sure the oats were soggy. After blended I spread it on a plate and microwaved it for 2 minutes. I then topped it with more cinnamon and some homemade Cinnamon Agave Almond Butter. I never thought to cook my breakfast cookie, or to blend it, but it tasted amazing! So creamy, warm, and with a subtle chew. Just like a freshly baked cookie, right out of the oven.

No other pictures tonight but I want to let you know what is in store for Raw Wednesday...see if you can guess what I will be making ;)

What I wanted to talk about yesterday was something that has been freaking me out lately. College. I have NO IDEA where I want to go or even what I want to do. How can I go somewhere without having a major? It's so hard to pick something and I'm not even sure what I'm good at. I'm just really nervous because I only have the summer before I have to start sending in applications and filling out everything. Uhh, it's just so confusing. Any advice? I know I can always count on my lovely bloggers for support.
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