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Posted by Teresa J.

I came upon this and found it pretty interesting. I thought perhaps I'd share it with all of you to see what your thoughts on it were. To me, it seems like a dangerous practice to eat discarded food, hitchhike (so as not to pollute the world by using their own cars) and to live as squatters. There's no telling why the food they're digging from dumpsters and the like was thrown away, nor what has been in that dumpster relieving itself or licking at discarded produce. I think recycling clothes and furniture (though you don't know why it's been thrown out either) is just fine, but food is where I draw the line.

What do you think?

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Yeah, that sounds disgusting. I mean, my dog will get into the garbage, but even he throws up a few hours later. I think there are much better ways of living "lightly" on the earth. How 'bout working on a Kibbutz and helping others to grow and produce food?

I don't think that sounds like a healthy lifestyle.  There are many ways to be green and not leave a carbon footprint.  Is this necessary?

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