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Foodie Alphabet

Posted Jul 23 2011 12:38pm

Hey hey!

This is a random alphabet post that I read on this gals blog. I loved it so thought I’d give it a go myself!

A – Apples or Oranges?

Apples…..mmmmm a nice, juicy Pink Lady, cut into boats, with a blob of PB dip :-) Although, I love orange scented things and I practically turned into a clementine over the Christmas season!

I love a chopped apple as an addition to my packed lunch at work :-)

B  - Beans or Lentils?

Lentils….love em cold on salads. Baked beans, however,  steal the victory when I just need beans on toast!

The lentil salad I had at Phil and I's engagement dinner

The best salad bowl ever! lentils included :-)

C – Cereal or Oatmeal?

Oatmeal……hot, cold, with fruit, nut butter, vanilla SW protein, chocolate, cinnamon…..the possibilities are endless!

Oatmeal a la Carrie! ;-)

Oatmeal a la Emm!

D – Dates or Raisins?

Hmmmmm……raisins on stuff but dates to make stuff – like the PB pops I made for Katie’ s blogger bake sale :-)

PB pops in the making

The PB pops I made for "Katie's bake sale for Japan", had a fig and date base

And like in my Cherry-Bomb bars……dates are so versatile!

Cherry Bomb Bars - these were yummy! Made with dates, figs, sour cherries and warming cinnamon

E – Eggs or milk?

Milk……the soya version or my fave dairy free milk….

Kara coconut milk

F – French toast or waffles?

Hmmmm……I rarely eat either, although I once had a waffle when I was a child when on a family holiday and it was delicious….I think Nutella may have been involved :-)

G – Garlic or salt?

I’ll say salt because I use it when making roasted veggies. I save garlic for the weekends because who wants a dentist with garlic breath right?

H - honey or maple syrup?

Maple syrup. Hands down winner……I just love the taste of it, especially in all the Autumn, pumpkiny dishes.

I – Ice cream or fro-yo?

Fro-yo!! Every time I read Jenae’s blog I end up craving the stuff and wanting to move to the US because I’ve never seen a fro-yo joint EVER in England!!! :-0

J – Jam or toast?

Errr…..toast. Sometimes it’s nice to put jam on your toast though.

K - Kale or spinach?

Spinach. I love it in salads, smoothies and even ice-cream!! Always raw, never cooked. I kinda don’t like it cooked. Kale makes the occasional appearance in my diet but I buy a bag of spinach every week.

Katie's spinach ice cream

Green smoothie - spinach, pineapple, vanilla sun warrior, frozen banana

L – lemon or lime?

Lemon. I love lemony desserts but as far as my gin and tonics go…..lime all the way!! These Lemon-chia squares  went down a treat.

M – muffins or cupcakes?

Muffins for taste….but cupcakes win in the looks department. Especially the ones with glittery sprinkles ;-)

My Vegan Glitter Bug Cupcakes

N – nut butter or jam?

Is this even a real question?? NUT BUTTERS! No further comment.

O – onions or peppers?

Onions because they’re great in pizza sauces, stir-fries, raw on salads. I love pickled onions too. They remind me of the 80s!

P – peanuts or almonds?

Almonds. I love almonds, almond flavoured things and almond scented things….basically if it contains almonds, I’m onto it……and yes, I am a marzipan thief who ruins many perfectly decorated christmas cakes….sorry mum!

Q – quick bread or yeast bread?

Dunno….what’s quick bread? I’ll go for that anyway because it says “quick”. Bread takes too long to make!

R – raspberry or blackberry?

I’m currently going through a raspberry phase but usually I’d say raspberries. They go on my oatmeal most mornings and I love adding them to my dessert recipes.

My Victoria Plum Crumble Cake

S - sweet or savoury?

Depends what mood I’m in! Sweet stuff is more fun to make and experiment with though :-)

T - tea or coffee?

Mainly, I’m a tea gal but now and again, the perfect cup of coffee rocks my world. Plus, coffee smells devine….mmmm!

U - udon or spaghetti noodles?

Spaghetti….because it reminds me of all the fun I had eating it when I was a little girl.

V – vanilla or chocolate?

Erm……I think it might just be chocolate…..except my Sun Warrior, of course :-)

The chocolate cafe in Tobermory

Carrie's fudgies and my raw vegan truffles

My assorted raw, vegan truffles and rose-pistachio raw vegan fudge

The vegan choccie cake I made for Phil on his birthday

Choconutty brownie pancake stack

W – white or wholemeal bread?

Wholemeal. No question. Wholemeal warps and seedy bread :-) Paninis are born to be white tho :-)

wholemeal wraps make great lunches

Vegan club sarnie anyone?

X – xanthum gum or guar gum?

Xanthum – in ma smoothies to make them thick and creamy!

Y –  yoghurt or pudding?

Yoghurt. Usually natural soy yoghurt but occasionally I’ll go for the black cherry flavour.

Z - zucchini or cucumber?

Cucumber….I have it on every salad and enjoy it as batons dipped in hummus or salsa.

Cucumber goes in all my salads....thinly sliced and loads of it!

I think that sums it up guys! I had fun going through some of my old recipes :-)

Love and hugs xoxo

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