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Food intolerance tests, speculoos delivery, Goals and health issues

Posted Sep 03 2011 3:20pm

Hi girls! I hope you’re all having a great Saturday! It’s been a pretty non-conventional day in Emma-world as my usual routine has been completely out of the norm. I started my day by heading to a local healthcare centre to take a food intolerance test. After a terrible month of feeling low, experiencing multiple migraines and feeling exhausted, I was starting to feel fed up!

Taking this test has been something I’ve wanted to do for a few years but never got round to. I always put my symptoms down to the stress of my job and plodded on, never really feeling good and battling daily with tummy troubles. This last month has been awful. Things definitely came to a head in yoga class, when some hip opening exercises also opened the floodgates – I think I cried for 2 solid hours that night. I felt worse than ever before and wondered why the heck I was feeling so bad despite striving for a healthy lifestyle.

After talking to this gorgeous girlie , I discovered that a local health centre offered food sensitivity testing and decided to see if my daily diet was adding to my health concerns. They took a drop of blood from my finger and then analysed the sample for intolerance to around 60 common foods. Ok so here goes……

My Results

The lady at the centre told me to take a seat and said…”Right…your results….I’m not sure you’re gonna like this….” Yup, I’m super strongly intolerant to dairy. Cow’s milk is a prime suspect for all those niggling health worries. My body also doesn’t like eggs, brazil nuts and cashews and I was advised to avoid all of these.

At the moment, although I focus on vegan recipes on my blog, I do consume dairy in small amounts. From tomorrow, I will ditch dairy and cross my fingers that I reap the rewards :-) I’ll keep you posted!

On a lighter note, these arrived yesterday! :-)

Speculoos Spread - best spread ever!!!!!!!

Ok…..if you haven’t tried this spread then do!! As usual, you can’t buy the stuff in the UK so internet to the rescue again! Visit here if you fancy trying something new and tasty! Oh…and even though it tastes like caramelly biscuits, it’s vegan!

As we welcome in the month of September, I look back over the goals I made in August. Lets see how I did:

- Focus on speed training for the Great North Run: Goal met. I did plenty of speed training and have definitely noticed improvements in this area. Sadly, I received an email from the Brain and Spine Foundation saying that I’m unable to take part in the GNR on the 18th. I’m not really sure what happened but I’m pretty upset, as I’ve focused on the training for several months. However, there are always other runs and ways to raise funds for this much needed cause. And I love running so all is good :-)

- Take a packed lunch to work every day: Kinda met. I bought 2 meals in the last month, both sandwiches. On both occasions I had ran out of supplies to make my own. I just need to make sure I get my grocery shopping done each weekend!

- Find a wedding venue: BIG FAIL!! But I’ve been pinning on pinterset! My focuses have shifted to moving house so maybe this should have been my initial goal.

- Practice yoga each day: Met. Even just a few minutes makes the world of difference to me. I’m getting used to being upside down now!

- Further my career: GOAL MET. I booked myself on 2 courses that will see me heading to London in 2 weeks time. I’m excited, not only for the course but for the chance to head to Whole Foods and enjoy the delights of our capital city :-)

- Develop my personal style: MET! I’ve picked up some new wardrobe staples and have made 2 charity shop visits with clothes I no longer wear.

All in all, I’m happy with my progress. I’m a very goal-orientated person and I feel like I achieve so much more if I set goals. I love working my way through a list of jobs and ticking them off one by one……so that’s what I’ll continue to do! And finally….

 - Do something you’ve never done before! -This was a unplanned but very fortunate event. When shopping one day, I approached a special little lady who I already “knew” but hadn’t met before! The best thing about this last month is that I made an amazing new friend. I recognised her in Topshop after reading her blog and decided to say hi. It was a surreal meeting but I love her to bits and I’m so grateful to have met her. Nicky – love ya girl!!!!

Health, Happiness and Friendship


 - Improve health and vitality by ditching the dairy

- Follow and varied running plan and continue to work on speed

- concentrate on moving house and then plan the wedding!

- sleep more. Nuff said!

So there we go! What’s your main goal in August? Were you successful in your September goals?

Happy Saturday gals!

Emm xoxo

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