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Finding the Delicious in Simple… Again.

Posted Sep 05 2010 5:07pm

OK – so it has been eons since I’ve posted on my blog! And truth be told… I contemplated giving it up altogether… but then something happened… I just kept keeping on…. and I became passionate about being vegan again and I want everyone else to be healthy too!

So what gives?

From January 2009 through April 2010, I feverishly tried new recipe after recipe one after the other… buying exotic ingredients and cooking foods that I had never attempted before. Great research, great food and great experience… but fizzle, sizzle, flop-de-dop… one day, I started slowing down and I found myself cooking just a handful of recipes — easy no fuss ones. All the while, I felt a little guilty about the blog and the lack of  flashy new recipes and pix  to post.

Then recently while reading David Wolf’s book,  The Sunfood Diet Success System , I found his daily diet which reads more like a grocery list and the following passages that stuck in my head:

“I have developed the capacity to enjoy the simplest foods”

“I do not eat raw-food recipes often – a recipe for me is usually for disaster! But they are excellent transition tools and fun for family and parties”

Reading David’s words set my head to thinking… maybe this restless period of  easy cooking was my way of making changes in my dietary habits.  Maybe I was searching to find a new balance…. maybe the tightening of my monthly food budget also had influenced my diet… maybe there was value in eating simply… there is no question I was saving money and time.

As a child growing up, in the kitchen with my mother just back from picking veggies in the garden. I would watch her cut them up. We savored every bite that we could coax out of her… crunchy green peppers… sweet tomatoes… everything was utterly delicious… raw with only the slightest bit of salt. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Somehow, over the last year and a half, I went from being a simple cook to one who liked the challenge of complexity and diversity. Rather than one extreme or the other, I need a little bit of both. I have days now when getting into the kitchen and cleaning up a mish mash of dirty pots and pans is the last thing I want to do. On these days I have my head in the refrigerator and put together the possibilities for eating given the contents I find inside. I have days too when I’m longing to cook a new recipe and can’t wait to get in the kitchen. All in all, I aim for cooking simpler meals. Those that are less reliant on exotic ingredients and multiple mixing bowls and focused more on their nutritional value, freshness and simple deliciousness.

I’ve been weeding through some of the first vegan cookbooks I acquired and am seeing wonderful not so fussy recipes that I completely overlooked. For example, the Asparagus Risotto pictured above that I cooked last night. I found it in my Vegan World Fusion Cuisine cookbook. It is simply divine. Pair it up with a leafy green salad and add twice the amount of asparagus like I did, and it makes a mean main course.

So, I’m back on the blog… and I’m finding the delicious in simple foods again. I’m leaning towards a new direction in my blog too. One that is focused on information sharing — for my friends, family and whoever else stumbles across it. Oh – sure there will be recipes … who could talk about food without sharing a recipe or two :-)

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