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Füssen, Germany

Posted Mar 14 2011 2:42pm
Ever dreamed of having your own castle? Enamored by princess sagas by Walt Disney? Then you have to come to Neuschwanstein Schloss at Füssen, Germany. I mean, Neuschwanstein is THE castle, bar none. We went there over the weekend as my boss was driving down to the Austrian border for some weekend ski-ing. As soon as he showed me a photo of Neuschwanstein, I went "Oh, the Cinderella castle!!!" Fussen was definitely on my to-go list, so I said why not?! We drove on the Autobahn, and I also saw and touched my first snow - no kidding...The only snow you see in Mumbai is the one you see inside a badly broken down refrigerator. My landlord, that day, asked me if I wanted to join him in a anti-nuclear protest rally at Stuttgart, and that the reactor there is very unsafe and there could be a repeat of the Japan disaster. Tempting. Tempting. But I had a little fairytale castle to pay homage to first.

Apparantly, Neuschwanstein is a bit of a tourist trap, with many German colleagues not even visited the famed castle. You'll see a horde of tourists - mostly Chinese or Japanese. The entry fee is a hefty 12 euros, and you pay more if you want a bus ride up to the castle. Add to that, you cannot take photos once inside the castle. Bummer, yeah. Oh, did I mention, it's freezing cold up there (at least for an Indian)?!

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. It's gorgeous on the inside and you could not have asked for a more dramatic setting than high up the German Alps. Fairytale-like, indeed! Now, if only princes existed in this day and age, and I could get permanent residency inside the castle....

More photos here

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