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Eat, Drink & Be Vegan is HERE!

Posted Jun 18 2009 12:06am
Ooooo - weeeeee!! Yes my faithful blog followers, the day has finally arrived... ED& BV is printed!

I got my first copies of ED& BV last night. My publisher sent a box to hubby's office in Vancouver, and he brought them home last night. I was SO excited all day.

Then, hubby calls around 5pm saying he's stuck on his bus in a traffic jam. Big accident on the highway just ahead of his bus. The traffic reports said to expect a 3-4 hr delay. GULP! At this point my book excitement gave way, and I just felt awful for hubby sitting on the bus that long. Plus, I was dog tired after juggling a whack of things with the girls that day, so I knew I had dinner, bath and bedtime ahead of me on my own. Thankfully, another bus was called in and the commuters had to walk a short distance to hop on. So, hubby was just about 1 1/2 hrs late instead of maybe, ummmm 5 hrs!

After all was said and done and the girls were tucked away, we took out the book. And it is AWESOME guys! I don't mind saying so myself! My publisher did a stellar job with the design, layout, and photos. It's STYLIN'!!

I'm so thrilled. Here I am with my hot-off-the-press copy! I couldn't wait for anyone else to snap a photo of me with my book, so I did so myself. Man, that's not easy, I need a chiro adjustment now, ha! How many wonky shots I got - out of focus, top of my head, corner of the book, super-bright, super-dark. Funny. See just below... I'm giving ED& BV some motherly love. :)

I'm now so excited for all of you to get your copies in the mail. As I sat looking through my book last night I thought about all the testing I did on the recipes, running to and fro with toddler and preschooler underfoot. I am extremely proud of this book. I worked my vegan mama buttocks off, I must say! I do hope all of you love it too, and the recipes give you dozens of staples for delicious vegan meals and snacks every week.

Keep a lookout in your mailbox and stores... my publisher says ED& BV has already been shipped to some buyers, and most stores will have copies in 2-3 weeks!!

Finally, thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm and support of these recipes over the last couple of years. It's because of your interest that I felt inspired to write this third cookbook. All my days of being wiped out from juggling it all is now worth it. Thank you.

Now... go Eat, Drink & BE Vegan! :) HOO-AHH!
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