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Easy, Quick Vegan Dinner Idea: Salad and Baked Potato with Fat-Free VEGAN Gravy!

Posted Aug 19 2009 12:00am

I've been working on a gravy made from potatoes. I feed the boy potatoes but he won't eat the peels and I hate to throw them away so I blend them with onion, garlic, a bit of salt, then cook that until it thickens. It's a tasty, fat-free gravy made from something that would normally wind up in the compost so it makes me happy on a few different levels!

Last night I had the brainstorm of adding oats and it came out pretty good.

IngredientsUse the skins and small pieces left over from cutting up a potato
1/3 cup rolled oats
1/4 med yellow onion
1 clove garlic
1 cup water or more if needed
salt and pepper to taste
(Optionally, you can add a tbs of olive oil but then it won't be fat free)

Everything in the blender until very, very smooth then transfer to a saucepan and cook over low-med heat, stirring constantly gravy-like thickness is achieved. The longer you heat it, the thicker it will become. You can add more water if it gets too thick.
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