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Easter Weekend

Posted Apr 26 2011 4:27pm

This weekend (well Thursday in fact) I took a trip down to Cornwall to see some family members and spend the long easter weekend in the sunshine.

Open air theatre at Portcurno

It was a really good trip, lots of family time and lots of good eats. Particular highlight was an organic farm where we ate on Easter Sunday, it was amazing! Lots of veggie/vegan options, a dessert stand that looked like this:

Loads of land to wander round and pick your own fruit and veg, plus an awesome farm shop, I am a sucker for a good health food selection, but I was quite restrained and made it out with just some grapes, dates and some bear granola nibbles (had to be purchased as no where near me sells them :( ) I did not do too bad on the easter front, had a beautiful dark choc egg from marks and spencers which was filled with pecans, cranberries and dark choc buttons, scrummy! I failed when trying to break a piece of it off then, it turns out pressing your entire bodyweight on the easter egg will make it shatter into a million pieces, who knew? I also got this (it is still in one piece!):


I finally feel back to full health so have steeped up the exercise. I am up to day 7 on the Jillian 30 day shred, and definitely feel ready to step it up to level 2. This is the longest I have done it for, I always seem to stop around day 6, hopefully I will get to experience level 2 this time round though.

Over the long weekend I went for 2 2.5 milers, I am finding I am having to run increasingly early as the weather gets better and it gets warmer. Talking of good weather how amazing was the weather this week in the UK! Big news I have just signed up for my first half marathon! It is in October and my brother will be doing it with me, so training should be good fun (mostly)!

I made the most of being near the coast and went for two 5 mile hikes, which were perfect with views like this:

Views from the coastal path

I love being near the sea, it’s so soothing and calming. I miss it already, being back in the city. I have lots of plans for this week, all these bank holidays are fabulous! It is the boyfriends birthday tomorrow and he specifically requested 12 krispy kreme donuts…so greedy!

Krispy Kreme

I am kind of glad they aren’t vegan as they look sooo good!

Oh and I almost forgot, the first of our fresh fruit and veggies were ready to pick today, we had rocket, mixed lettuce leaves and radish. They were so good. I will have to do a post on our little veggie garden!

Do you grow your own fruit and veggies? If so, what are your faves?

How was your easter weekend?

Do you have any plans for the next bank holiday weekend?

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