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Posted Aug 19 2012 10:51am

Query by Bob R:
Does getting vegetarian restricts you in some ways?

I suggest, due to the fact most of the men and women around are non-vegetarian, so you can’t eat/share with them.
Secondly, I never lke the smell of meat and neither do I want to touch meat, but most of the women about are non-veg( specially Japanese, Korean and so on), so in spite of liking these girls physically, I can’t kiss or have sex with them. So currently being vegetarian is restricting my romantic daily life. Do you have any answer?


Response by little dancer
I never have a soloution. I feel getting vegetarian/vegan is restricting, but in a excellent way. I do not want to be romantically involved with somebody who consumes flesh, so I believe it is great that it turns me off.

Trust your instincts and go with them. You WILL discover a person who shares your beliefs. In some areas, it truly is downright critical to. Excellent luck!

Answer by brij b
I am also veg. but we live in the society exactly where all sort of people lives. So, modify your pondering but constantly turn out to be veg,

Answer by bzbakr
Understand to consume meat once in a whilst, or get a canine.

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